Indonesia · 114 Days · 3 Moments · April 2017

Djakarta Caswell Cafe Time

31 July 2017

Caswell best place for coffee around South Jakarta! it used to be place for dog hangout and archery but since the landowner chose to use the remained land...(perhaps for some silly boutique/carwash/other building that has no use for metropolitan citizen) so no more dog's HOP nor the archery space. So only coffee.

8 April 2017

It is cloudy Saturday! Best time to go to Caswell! One of very nice spot to have a sip of coffee in the morning. If you have dog then its a heaven as Caswell has big yard for dogs. Just beware of tick! Love this spot for its really good grilled chicken wrap en lasagna. Lately 08:00-09:00 has been busiest time for Caswell due of additional archery activities at its ground! Super fun! 250k for 4 lessons in a month.