Italy · 6 Days · 10 Moments · September 2017

Dianne's voyage in Italy

24 September 2017

24/9/17 - walking around after the torrent of rain and thunder happening. Feel more confident with Venice’s maze of streets now. Back in our room after a bite to eat and sitting back sorting out why my on-line diary won’t Invite my friends to read (JOURNI, it’s called). Have constant inconsistencies with my mobile phone forever on SOS only. This means I can’t sent emails or messages through JOURNI (the only means of info allowed through Emails & Messages only, (NOT through WhatsApp) which would solve the immediate problem if I could send through the WhatsApp APP.

23 September 2017

23/9/17 - Trooped off to the famous Rialto Bridge (over the Grand Canal). PaintED Group settled themselves at a magnificent square to paint and I wandered off to do some jewellery buying! Looked for a nice Polo shirt for my son (unsuccessful), then meandered back towards our hotel, where along the way I picked up a beautiful Seafood Salad for lunch to have back in our room. Waiting for Janette to return so we can go shopping (again). Went to dinner with part of the group and now in bed by 9.45pm.

22 September 2017

22 Sep 2017 - Lazy day today, went shopping for a Designer shirt for my son, had lunch with Janette at a Bar (with a nice beer) and rested the feet for a while. Now back at our room filling in today's diary and a little siesta. Janette, Maxine and I went to dinner at Ristorante Marco Polo.

21 September 2017

Thu 21/9/17 - Went along with the Arty Farty group and again went wandering, but I'd learnt my lesson, I took photos of every street name and slowly meandered back towards the group. The PaintED lackies sketched and painted till 12noon, then took a break for a coffee, then Janette and I went shopping (unsuccessfully). Went onto San Marco Square and took a hurricane of photos. Came back to our hotel room, played a few games on our iPads, then dinner at 6 for a cheap but tasty Seafood Salad, tried to shop again after dinner (still unsuccessfully), then back to add and update our journal entries.

20 September 2017

Wed 20/9/17 - First morning with the PaintED Group. While Janette did her sketches, I went wandering and became so lost, my feet turned to jelly. Trouped onto the Fish Market to rejoin the group, then continued onto the Peggy Googenheim Artworks collection. We struggled home on our jellied feet and flopped onto our beds for a rest. Dinner at the Ristorante Marco Polo with Pat, Carla and Janette. Again, the bed was my best friend by 9pm.

19 September 2017

Tue 19/9/2017 - Arrived per water taxi to our Hotel Canaletto. Settled in, then only had the strength to go to dinner, then bed fairly early. Good night.

18 September 2017

Monday 18/9/2017 - Photo of Maxine, Pat, Carla & me before our flight from Dubai to Venice and while waiting for my partner in travels, Janette. Janette (separate flight) and I commenced our journey with the first stop being Venice, Italy. Such a tiring and exhausting trip. Arrived the next day 19/9/2017 and settled into our hotel (Canaletto). Rested, then met the group for dinner at 7pm. Never thought I'd be happy to see my bed by 9pm. Out like a light.