Europe, Asia · 16 Days · 17 Moments · October 2017

Dianne's voyage in Germany

19 October 2017

18/10/17 - on our way home. Now waiting at Dubai for connection to Melbourne, arriving on 19/10/17. My farewell hug with my cousin Maren on the day we left.

17 October 2017

17/10/17 - first, a Sight Seeing bus ride around Frankfurt once, then again but hopping off at the Medi-evil Aged city to take magnificent shots of the beautiful but antiquated buildings. At 2pm, met my lovely friend Hanne, who took us on a walking trek around beautiful parks and historical statues and the like, (Frankfurt's Opera House being one of the photos), finishing off with a relaxing cup of coffee. What a full and wonderful day.

16 October 2017

16/10/17 - Arrived Frankfurt after only a two hour train trip from Hildesheim. A bite to eat at the City Plaza opposite our hotel (Citadine City Frankfurt). Rested upon check-in and now deciding what to eat for dinner.

15 October 2017

15/10/17 - we started the day with a visit to the Marienberg Castle, the holiday home of the Hannovian Queen Marie, married to the Hannovian King George V. Maren was kind enough to take us there and we had an English description of the castle by audio phones. Then Rolf-Dieter and Ellen picked us up to take us to their holiday house for Cake and tea. Once back at our base home, we had a B-B-Q with Maren's friends. By that time, we were "Done-In".

14 October 2017

14/10/27 - Rolf-Dieter's sister, Sigrid picked us up for lunch at a Tappas restaurant where her husband Klaus also joined us. Then Sigrid took us on a walking tour of the Catholic DOM Cathedral and its 1000yo rambling rose bush, then onto the Lutheran church. Both were impressive. We also saw extra bits of Hildesheim we didn't see before.

13 October 2017

12/10/17-13/10/17 - Cologne, here we come! First a quick train trip to changeover at Hannover (35mins), then cancellation at 10.30, the next hourly train only had one reserved seat left, so waited till 12.30 before we could get on our way to Cologne. We arrived approx 3.30 at the hotel (Mauritious Hotel) but before that, we were bowled over by the magnificent Cologne Cathedral right in front of the Hauptbahnhof. On arrival at the hotel, a small hiccup in changing our room. We had to explain that we were friends but we weren't THAT friendly!!! An oversight in translating a twin room from a double room. Upon check-in, we walked up the main shopping malls, visited the Apple Store which was in our sights and that did us in, after the long train trip.
1310/17 - The next morning after a hearty breakfast to get us through the day, it was back to the Cologne Cathedral for a few more pics and a visit inside. When do you have enough photos??!!! Having done that, it was sight seeing on the bus to have a good look of the city. It saved our legs and then we decided to leave earlier than planned so that we could get off at Hannover and stroll around for an hour before catching the train back to Hildesheim, arriving 6.30pm, really exhausted and HELLO BED!!!!

11 October 2017

11/10/17 - How do you choose 10 photos out of 50 of the most beautiful little hamlet. As is the town of Hamlyn, but Hameln in German. This is no fairytale but based on "The Pied Piper of Hamlyn", a story of a piper who piped away the rats who caused a plague but wasn't paid by the Hamlet as promised, so in spite, he stole all the children who followed him away from the village with his music. Believe it or not!

10 October 2017

10/17 - Arrived in Berlin at 12.25pm and immediately took the Berlin Sight Seeing bus and saw a lot of the city from 1-5.30pm. Just enough leisure time to catch a bite to eat and catch our return train to Hildesheim at 6.30pm, arriving approx 8.30pm. Saved our legs big time so not so pooped out. East Berlin sights were obvious by the old buildings, although a lot of construction was happening there and everywhere.

9 October 2017

9/10/17 - GOSLAR!😍❤️ What a beautiful place! My cousin Maren drove both Janette and myself to this amazing little village, after a high recommendation from one of my gym friends back in Melbourne. Spent a couple of hours there before waiting for a cancelled train back to Hildesheim (unbeknown to us as announcements were only made in German). Then a 12 minute run on the train (an hour later from cancelled train), followed by an hour on a bus (very scenic), then another train (6 minutes) into Hildesheim. The multitude of transport was brought about by regular maintenance on a rail bridge.

8 October 2017

7/10/17 - At 11.30am, Ellen & Rolf-Dieter picked me up with Maren's 3 children and travelled by car to the outskirts of Hannover to an Alpaca Farm, then onto Hannover Airport for some lunch where the children could see the aeroplanes take off. Then home for a couple of hours for a siesta before going out to dinner with the family at 6pm to MAINMARIE, a fairytale based restaurant for pizza and chicken schnitzel meal.
8/10/17 - Janette is now up and about (been sick for a week) so we walked to Hildesheim City Square and took some photos. Being Sunday, all shops were closed, including the Supermarkets. However, the Haupbahnhoff had a terrific mini supermarket. Had coffee, brought a salad roll each back to our base and ate in comfort with a nice hot cup of tea. We rested in the afternoon.

6 October 2017

6/10/17 - Today is a relaxing day and tonight we will visit Maren's parents, Ellen & Rolf Dieter. Rolf Dieter was responsible in starting me off with our Family History, so I look forward to adding more if I can. I will take a group photo tonight to send home to my son. The Teddy bear belongs to Maren's father, Rolf-Dieter. His grandmother (our Grandfather Witte's sister) made the little outfit as she was a gentleman's Tailor.

5 October 2017

4/10/17 - Arrived Hildesheim in Germany where I was picked up by my distant German cousin, Maren. I hadn't seen her for 25 years when she stayed with me in Melbourne for 6 mths. We are using her house as a base and will make day trips on the train. My friend Janette is recuperating here from an awful virus. I trekked around the town's Square yesterday of the 6/10, and include a few photos. The 2nd last photo is an excavation they found when building a new shopping complex. It is a tunnel used as a messenger tunnel in the Middle Ages (1200 yo). The last photo is Maren's greetings to us two Australians. The sun wasn't shining, so I apologise for the dark photos.

3 October 2017

3/10/17 - From 2-3/10, photos are of Switzerland or arriving in Switzerland by train. Weather was turning to our first lot of rain, so took a few photos when I could. We stayed at The Rochat, which was smack in the middle of the OLD part of the city and highly recommended.