Italy, Switzerland · 8 Days · 14 Moments · September 2017

Dianne's adventure in Italy

2 October 2017

2/10/17 - A 2nd note because I have too many photos I want to include. Have settled into our Hotel Rochat and in bed by 7.30pm. It was a 5hr train trip. Had a bite to eat, walked up a few streets and by then, wore ourselves out.
2/10/17 - We have started our Eurail travel from Milano and on our way to Basel.

1 October 2017

1/10/17 - Love our little Hotel, called 43 Station Hotel. Just 2 mins from the amazing, magnificent Milano Centrale Stazione and just a 2 hr taxi trip from Santa Marghurita. We shopped and window shopped at the many stores within the huge complex, validated our initial Eurail Passes and ready to go tomorrow. Had lunch and coffee there as well.

30 September 2017

30/9/17 - An afternoon in Rapallo on the Italian Riviera, a quick 10 min bus ride from Santa Marghurita. A very pretty small town with plenty of shopping (I've stopped shopping) so just a bite to eat and coffee, and that's about it. I am looking forward to moving onto Switzerland and Germany now. We depart tomorrow (Sun) at 9am for Milan before we initially board our train trip adventure on the 2 October.

29 September 2017

29/9/17 - Walked up top of the hill to their Botanical Gardens and took a few shots around the area. Discovered a large flea market in progress and bought a couple of Polo shirts for my son. One and half days to go before we travel to Milan. Entered a Coop shop which is their supermarket and bought some loose food for lunch and now just resting in the room while the Artists around me finish off their sketches/paintings.

28 September 2017

28/9/17 - not much action today. Quite a small place and once you've walked around a couple of times, there's not much more you can do if you are one of the non-painters. Did try to buy a European SIM card but only Italian SIM card could be purchased. Still have the problem of SOS only being displayed on my phone (since landing in Dubai) which causes the problem of not being able to email out, although am receiving emails OK. This also stops me inviting my friends to view my Travel Diary as it needs an outward email link. Thank goodness for WhatsApp which can be accessed through Wi-Fi alone, my only means of communication to the outside world. At least I'm still in contact with home and my son. I will purchase a German or European SIM card once we arrive at my family's place in Hildesheim. More photos of architecture included.

27 September 2017

27/9/17 - What a lovely little place Portofino is. Just 10 mins on the ferry from Santa Marghurita and such a lovely stroll wherever you go. Perfect spot for scenic photos.

26 September 2017

26/9/17 - Santa Margurite is the Millionaires play ground (so we're told). Today was a picturesque Marina scene, the artist group busily sketching and drawing in their sketch books. I wandered off again and took in the scenery, window shopping, coffee, lunch, then back to the hotel to rest up for dinner.

25 September 2017

25/9/17 - Leaving Venice today for St Marguerite by bus. Such a lovely city and by the time of departure, I had my directions down pat. Goodbye Hotel Canaletto. Hello Hotel Jolanda. What a beautiful room, so much space. Showered and tarted up for dinner.