United States of America · 48 Days · 18 Moments · July 2016

Diana's trip to United States of America

1 September 2016

Due to unforeseen circumstances we had to postpone our trip for a later date :(

27 August 2016


22 August 2016

Here she is, in all her splendor, our Family Fun Bus. It's alittle tricky to maneuver around in the newer, more streamlined parking lots but for the most part she's a dream to drive. It feels like your driving from your couch in your living room. I think tomorrow will be another practice & test drive lesson for the crew.
1st trip to the beach in 5 yrs I can't even believe it's not Cape Cod. I'm a bit of a beach snob after spend 20+ yrs on that beautiful island with so many different beaches to pick from, especially the double secret local only spots. I'll be sure to take stock as we travel to see if others can compare. I was a beautiful day temp wise it was perfect the wind started to pick up and let me tell u I'm still shaking sand out of my hair, clothes, bags & etc. I'm thinking we may just need more than a DustBuster in the bus.
Today's adventure "On the Road" literally on the road... Today started out beautifully, cool & sunny, not a cloud in the sky. A perfect day for a bike ride. By the time we geared up & actually got on the bikes it's high noon, sun blazing hot in a cloudless sky & no longer any cool breeze. Perfect?! GPS on & we r off, peddling by beautiful homes, stables & horse, farms of all sizes, even an orchard having a festival. As u can imagine I'm enjoying almost every minute. Life is good, life is grand, I'm loving it, even the spotty/dropped GPS signal...then we get re-routed, still I'm good, beautiful scenery, 2 of my very favorite young men (wish u were here too, Jake. miss u tons!!) I'm loving life. Now peddling on w/more frequent breaks, a bit of walking, a stop at a yard sale, and a possible wrong turn we meet Mr Hangry. Yes, not properly fed on a very regular basis, Mr Hangry's visit can/will escalate any situation to code red status. This unexpected visit has prompted an immediately ch
My little visit in the wash room tonight

21 August 2016

Duck, duck, goose
Heading out on our bikes to Hampton Beach

20 August 2016

A day of hanging round & tinkering w/the Bus, still never a dull moment... Sam decided 2 take a bird's eye view of things this morn. Apparently 1 side of the roof rack had snapped & ripped its mount right out of the roof. Another 1st, our 1st DIY repair. I am grateful once again for another lucky break; this was an accident waiting 2happen & had it been on the highway could've been a disaster. And if the mount's holes were left as is would've been looking at who knows how much water damage eventually. Sam saves the day, just another day in the life. The boys also spent the afternoon finding the bike parts needed 2repair our bikes for tomorrow. And then put together our old school charcoal grill and Charlie masterfully cooked tonight's chicken dinner, yummy. As I sit here &recap I am anxiously looking forward to the days 2 come So many things 2see, 2learn, so many possibilities & things 2do. I am blessed!!
Day 2 - out for some breakfast at local place and a bit of driving practice. Sam took over in the Market Basket parking lot where we stopped for some staples. After we headed back to the campground to unpack and set ourselves up, learning the systems n all that fun stuff. It's cool to imagine where we will be hooking up farther along down the road. Right now I'm enjoying figuring all this stuff out fairly close to home. Couple of days n we should be pros ready to set sail on our adventure

19 August 2016

Sam's first driving practice. Nice job. He even kicked me out of driver's seat to back the bus into a crazy angled hook up site, it was quite the finagle to back it in n he handled it like a pro!!
Day 1 (AGAIN) - Hampton Falls, NH Maiden Voyage August 18, 2016 The FAMILY FUN BUS is on the road, all repaired and running fine. We've arrived at stop #1, New Hampshire. After checking in, we set off to check out the views...An amazing rising pink moon from the horizon of Hampton Beach while eating dinner on the upper patio deck of Boardwalk Cafe, life is good!! Continuing on and to work on our sense or lack there of direction & mapping skills (God help us) we headed back to camp and began settling in. We are now finally getting comfy cozy in our bunks. Thankfully the buzz of excitement at finally starting our adventure has softened the reality check of the adjustment we will be faced with in our new 'tiny' living quarters. What is the saying, "Life begins at the end of your comfort zone" I think I just walked off a cliff ;) stay tuned......

18 August 2016

Moon rising over Hampton Beach NH
1st backed in parking job Not too shabby
Checking in
Day 1 Wakefield, MA Tons of traffic and.....

12 August 2016

Aug 12,2016

15 July 2016