India · 1 Days · 3 Moments · May 2017

Dhruv's journi to India

27 May 2017

Then we went to the golden temple. Should be one of the wonder in the world. The glorious and magnificent temple city had everything that a person could imagine of. From the golden temple to dominos. We took a electric bike ride to the temple. I then got to know what it takes to earn real money. The auto driver didn't know how to use a phone but had one. All he had was the hope and courage to life a life not easy. Having entered the temple and seeing the devotees there, we thought it was nearly impossible to visit the sanctum. The temple is all maintained by the volunteers. They take care of keeping the premises clean, the temple as it is gold plated everyday, serving the food and mainly instructing every individual if he or she is doing something wrong. Sikhs take a dip in the holy lake around gurudwara to shed all their sins and seek the lord. We were back to our hotel by 12 and the 1st day had just been amazing.
We took half an hour to plan the final modified itinerary while cracking some jokes about chinnu. On the way to Amritsar, we stopped at haveli dhaba to have the all famous sweet lassi. It was a delight for the taste buds.
We left at 6 inspite of a serious conversation the previous night and nana's experience was justified because we reached airport on time even though we were ahead of the time. The flight was delayed by 40 mins. On the journey to Chandigarh, I met kanav who was from IIT-Mandi and a Mech engineer. We spoke throughout the journey and about various topics and the conversation was fruitful. We spoke from politics to life of IITians. We reached Chandigarh by 1.