Australia · 1 Days · 5 Moments · February 2018

Dez's voyage in Australia

5 February 2018

9:02pm and I'm sitting crossed-legged, shivering on wet and cold sand and I see them. I strain my eyes looking at the jet-black ocean and the dark sands and catch a glimse of three bright-white spots moving towards me; the Little Penguins are coming back from a day at sea. About 500 humans crouching in the dark around me wait to witness the glorious and tiniest parade in the world. The Penguin Parade at Philip Island where 1,000 Little Pinguins swim on-mass to shore after sunset every night and waddle very quickly back home to their burrows. They make this march each night, followed by awestruck humans who keep them company on their laborious parade up the hill. What a world! What perfection of the Heavens! These beautiful birds can fit in your pocket, yet their parade is a show of pure strenght and resilience. Surely God's creatures are divine and an event worth seeing.
My nose starts to itch as I walk out of the Koala Conservation lobby at Cowes into the lush eucalyptus forest. I am walking through the elevated planks half-way to the top of the trees and I see him; a Koala! I first see one big nosed male eating on a tree and then I spot the smaller female right next to him with one eye closed and one open. Seemingly checking me out and simultaneously continuing on her nap. My mouth wide open and my heart pounding, WOW! I saw not one, not two, but 6 koalas as I walked the forest for 15 minutes before the park closed. Phenomenal! I learned about them, how to tell the males from the females and admired at the efforts of all Australians to conserve the natural habitats of these beautifil animals. A definite must do activity.
Take a stroll down Philip Island's secluded beach and surf a little if you can. Beware the water is cold but waves are worth it.
Checking out the wool! We got to meet a sheppard dog and his sweet and shy not-so-little lambs. Then haircut time and photoshoot session. I must admit it was quite exciting!
We had to go salsa dancing while in Melbourne and to our delight and surprise we bumped into an old friend from back home; the fabulous Kiki Lopez. She introduced us to the Aussie crew and we danced our night away as if we were in Miami proper. First we rode our bikes from Southbank to Fitzroy tipo 7ish to go to the Night Cat Sunday night event. We bar hopped for an hour or so and in between all the swanky bars and indie pubs playing live rock, reggae and indie music we entered the Night Cat, a venue the size of back-in-the-day Bongos at the Miami Arena. A full 8-player salsa band composed of Cubans, Colombians and Aussies (those being the ones I know of) treated us to some top notch salsa tunes. We danced one1 and Cuban all night and I LOVED IT! Everyone from beginners to short, tight-jeans wearing, shine-extravaganza salsaros were there and we got to represent Miami (shout out and all). What a night! Lesson of the day: make friends, you never know where they will surprise you!