Spain · 20 Days · 9 Moments · August 2017

Dez's adventure in Barcelona, Spain

11 September 2017

Celebrating La Diesda, Independence in Catalunya Region

9 September 2017

Day trip to Girona. A rainy day filled with mediaval buildings, Game of Thrones streets and delicious tapas. Attended a free piano and cello concert and looked out of medieval walls. Definitely worth the 1hr train ride from Barcelona!

6 September 2017

Went our for some bread and ended up discovering our amazing neighbor. Born's historic alleys can be smelly but they truly have great and affortable little treasures, speciality stores, delis, museums and live music.

3 September 2017

Attending mass at the beautiful Basilica de Santa Maria del Mar. This church, today's message, and even the exceptional way of being of her priest leave me with an absolute wish to love those around me. To be authentic, to reach out and touch each and every person in my path with kindness. She is a glorious gothic building and a definite sight worth seeing.

30 August 2017

After a failed hair appointment what was left to do was to get lost in the city. Left behind my concern for looking good and set out to be surprised and amazed by the city. I rode my bike for 5 hours, now time for a siesta 😋
Rode my bike in a mad rush to make my hair appointment and it turns out they can't do the treatment on my crazy breached hair. ahhh! But hey, it's only 10am and I've got internet. Just found someone else! jaja. This unruly hair will submit to me!!!

27 August 2017

Mornings with God

24 August 2017

My wisdom tooth broke! After 2 days of hoping it wasn't so I did my research, thank you Google, and went for a German clinic, because Germans never fail! I woke up and rode my bike to what was to be the best dental appointment ever. One, the consult and x-ray were free and I payed a total of 65euros for huge cavity refill and dental visit. Secondly, my dentist was uhmm... very calming to look at. I think I need more work done... 😉

22 August 2017

5 days in and already Barcelona has won over our hearts. We honor las Ramblas and the victims of the attack last week. From riding our bicycles around town, to volleyball and dancing at the beach, it's all you ever wanted and more. Oh! and James got 61st out of 4000+ on the first tourney, top 2%. We keep going! We love you Barcelona, No tenemos miedo!