Malaysia · 3 Days · 5 Moments · August 2016

Redang Island on August 14-21st, 2016

19 August 2016

My super cute little bro, don't know when n where he got this voodoo hat, hahah..
Redang Bay Resort on August 16-18, 2016
Lekor, traditional kuala terengganu food, made from fish meat with some sauces, bought at KT Airport.
Sata near KT bridge, made from fish meat and coconut, not bad. Little bit spicy and sweet.. 6 pcs for RM.2..

16 August 2016

Redang Bay Resort, 75 minutes from Kuala Terengganu, nice resort and the cheapest one. Only RM 435 for 3D 2N Package, included snorkeling, breakfast, lunch, tea break and dinner. Love this place..