United Kingdom · 2 Days · 7 Moments · January 2019

Devon & Jessa in LONDON!

20 January 2019

After Regents Park we took the tube to Piccadilly Circus so we could say we saw it. I think for both of us it was just a lot of people and very touristy, very Times Square-esque. So we did not stay long, just walked through the Chinatown and saw some street performers. We then walked back to our hostel to pack a little before ice skating. We left to go to dinner at Canary Wharf, which was beautiful! It was such a different part of London that I have never experienced and I really liked it. All big buildings and it was so clean and not as crowded. Dinner was absolutely delicious, it was Italian. After dinner we walked through this lights garden and then went Ice skating! Ice skating was extremely fun, they do it in groups so you aren’t with a bunch of people. twenty one pilots played the entire time- we didn’t even request it! It was so wonderful and perfect. it was like the night was made just for us! I was very happy. After ice skating, we took the train home, packed, and now 😴
Last day in London/abroad! We woke up around 8:30, showered, got ready for our days, and then headed out! We got coffee and croissants at the Pastry Parlour, and then took the tube to Westminster. We saw the beautiful Church and surrounding buildings and it was just lovely, and it was a beautiful day too. They were filming something in the square, but we did not know what. We then walked through to the square with the National Gallery (cannot remember what it is called) and then through St. James Park to Buckingham Palace. We really wish Olivia was there with us so we could have someone to tell us all about it. We walked through Hyde Park to get to Kensington, and it was very beautiful and there were so many people out. I can’t get over what a nice day it was, so many people were out and about. After Kensington, we took the tube to Bakers Street and saw 221Bakers Street and then walked through Regents Park- really got our steps in!

19 January 2019

After Harry Potter World we headed to Oxford, where some of the movie was filmed. Our tour guide was really good, a little too enthusiastic at some points, but it was okay. She knew all about different movies that have been filmed there and she has even seen them filming before. It was awesome to learn about everything, especially because last time I went the tour guide was not as good. After the tour we went into some shops to look for souvenirs and got paninis at a little cafe. We walked around to take pictures, but sadly the light was fading and they did not turn out that well. :(. After this we went back into the city, and met some of our Danish friends in our hostel bar/hang out area. It was very nice to see them, and it was nice to be in our hostel so we did not have to walk back home in the cold.
Harry Potter Day! After waking up, Jessa and I got breakfast at our hostel and then walked to the tube station. We found where the bus was supposed to meet after some wandering, and then we were off! My heart was beating very fast before we even got into the process of entering, and I was not disappointed. It started with a mini film of the background of the movies and how it all began. After that we proceeded into the Great Hall. It was beautiful and so big! We got to see the tables and house uniforms and decorations, and it was all decorated for winter. After this we were shuffled into a room to begin the self guided tour. I got a little claustrophobic at first just because there was so many people, but after we got going it began to clear up. It was wonderful to see the props and how much thought went into everything. I loved seeing the castle and all the little paper models. I was sad it ended so quick, but it was very magical and I think I can appreciate everything more.

18 January 2019

Last post of the day! After shopping we went to dinner at that one pub in Covent Gardens that the Wanasek family just can’t seem to stay away from. We got fish and chips, of course (i broke my new years resolution :( ) and The just sat and talked until the musical. The musical was wonderful! It was so fun to see it on a stage, and it was different enough from the movie that I’m glad I got to see it. I wanted to stand up and dance the whole time. The theater was beautiful, and our seats were really high up. I am really really glad we went. 🤩
After we (finally) made our way to Covent Gardens, our first stop was the Olivia Burton store! It was so beautiful, it was like an experience. We took a picture in their little photo booth, talked to their sales women, looked at their inspiration tree, and just took it all in. It was so beautiful. We then continued to walk around, going in Kate Spade, all birds, and The Cath Kidston shop!! We bought a couple things and just took it all in. It was really beautiful. After this we walked to the British museum to kill some time before dinner.
WHAT A DAY (and night)! Jessa and I arrived in London last night at approximately 9:30. We took the train to the tube station, and then walked to our hostel. Our hostel is the Wombats Hostel, and it is pretty cool! It is very hip and different, and I like it so far, although it is outside the center of London. We slept in, or attempted to, the next day and woke up around 8:39. We got ready for our days and headed out to the city! We got coffee and pastries at Manon Cafe and then walked to see the Tower of London, which was beautiful from the outside. We did not go in however. We then walked across Tower Bridge and it was very beautiful to see and take pictures! We also went to St. Paul’s Cathedral and talked to a really nice lady in a grocery store- everyone has been so nice to us! After this we wandered around London on our way to Covent Gardens. We didn’t get lost, we just had an adventure! It was very very fun to see the city, and a totally different feel from Reykjavík.