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Devin's Italian Excursions

6 September 2017

Italy is full of a wide variety of baked goods and cooked goods. Almost every restaurant we visited had fresh made pasta on hand with a bowl of fresh bread on the table to enjoy. All of our meals were eaten in 3 courses. Our first course was the pasta. Then, was our main course which can range from a fish to a meat or even s pizza. Last, came the salad. One thing we found interesting was how salad was eaten last versus first. Also, if you are lucky, dine on a sweet like a cannoli for desert.
A main place to see in Italy sis Vatican City. The "country" is located in the heart of Rome and houses the Pope himself. It's government is a monarchy, mainly ruled by the Pope. It became its own country in 1924. It is worth seeing as there is classic architecture and you get to experience the home of our faith. Whether it's seeing the Pope or visiting the main cathedral, you will grow closer to the Catholic faith.
The different regions of Italy were first divided based off of political powers. Also, in the 70's there was a divide among the Italian Communist party and the Italian Christian party. However, in 2001, the country a reformation of their constitution began.
One big Human-Environment interaction occurring in Italy is the pollution of air with sulfur dioxide. Industrial factories have polluted the air, greatly impacting their air quality. Also, costal and inland rivers have been polluted from these industrial effects, along with agricultural influences.
The people of Italy are very courteous to citizens visiting their country. They want to take you into the restaurants or different events to show us their culture! Every native I talked too was proud of where they came from.

5 September 2017

Italy is located in between the Mediterranean and Adriatic Sea as a Peninsula. The north is bordered by the Swiss Alps, Austria and Slovenia to the east and France and Switzerland to the west.

11 September 2016

Italy's main market of exports are precision exports. Minerals are also exported to make different materials in other countries. Also, Italy is a main fashion exporter in the world. We were able to visit many stores for companies like Prada and Louis Vuitton!

6 May 2007

A major architectural piece I visited was the the Colosseum. This was an arena gladiator fights were performed for entertainment in the early centuries. It is a bittersweet building as it highlights the ancient Italian architecture but casts a shadow on the savage gladiator fights that took place hundreds of years ago.