Australia and Oceania, South America · 7 Days · 11 Moments · June 2016

South America Holiday 2016

29 June 2016

Today (29 Jun) we caught our flight to Buenos Aires. We spent the afternoon walking around near our hotel. Very interesting buildings with wide streets. Saw this man walking some dogs. In the evening we went to a local Resturant for dinner (steak and chips).

28 June 2016

Today we spent the whole day experiencing the fall from the Argentina side. This involved taking a train to the walking trail. We were able to experience the falls from every aspect. We were above them, beside them, under them and in Bill's casein them in a rubber Duckie. It was an absolutely amazing experience. We went back to our hotel and once again had drinks and dinner on the balcony watching the falls. We also saw a flock of Tucans in a tree in the grounds of our hotel. Very interesting birds.

27 June 2016

View of the falls from our balcony. Naughty monkey on the balcony.
Caught our flight to Iguazu Falls in Brazil. We were picked up from the airport by our guide who took us straight to Brazil side of the falls. We were really impressed with the magnitude of the falls. We then crossed the border into Argentina and were taken to our hotel were we had drinks on the balcony looking out at the falls. Magical!
We eventually arrived in Rio one day late and our luggage just before we were about to leave Rio. We stayed in a nice hotel on the beach at Copacabana. We really enjoyed our day tour of the Rio highlights. We hope all goes well for them for the Olympics.

25 June 2016

We eventually arrived in Santiago Chile where we missed our original connecting flight and our rebooked flight and had to eventually overnight in Santiago. Many hours standing in queues.

24 June 2016

Bill still answering emails. We have a new plane and we are now due to leave at 5.30. All good! ❤️
Take 2 Back in the departure lounge. Something wrong with one of the engines. It will mean that we will miss our connecting flight in Santiago. It will get rebooked. We are relaxed. All part of the joys of travelling.
In departure lounge of Sydney International Airport and waiting to board our flight to Santiago.
Bill doing last minute emails. Desolie enjoying the champs.

23 June 2016

Thursday 23rd June. We stayed the night at Ridges Hotel at the Sydney International airport.