Switzerland · 1 Days · 5 Moments · September 2016

My 18th birthday

1 September 2016

Mischii (Jändles sista) made me a little birthday cake 😍🙊
Got a bunch of rosed from fäbs ma bestie 💜 Went for lunch together. Bagel. Macarons. And strawbs 🍓🍓 She bought those flowers while I was looking for food in migros. We had to wait very long for the bagel. But they gave us a cookie to say sorry. 🙊🍪
The class sang happy birthday to me in french class which mangiarratti initiated. What are you supposed to do when everyone's singing to you? 😂
Hat from my sist. Gave it to me yesterday 'cause she couldn't wait for me to wear it 💕
Got up at 6:40 as always Went in the bathroom where mom and Josie congratulated on me. Ate breakfast with mom. Smoothie with banana, dates, chia seeds and a nectarine. Yum. Mom got me a book and some money to buy me a necklace when we're in cap d'agde. Went to school with danis bine because mine's chain broke yesterday. Tanja, Alisha, Jessä, Jändle, miro, mätti and leo gratulated on me. When täni embraced me I accidentally touched mr. Ritters belly 🙈😂 strange. Went to the mensa to finish our essays.