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Desiree's voyage in Indianapolis, IN, Unit...

8 April 2017

This is called Soldier and Sailors Monument and sits in the middle of a cobblestone round about in the middle of downtown Indy! Absolutely beautiful and so cool how "old" the architecture and cobblestone streets make it feel in the middle of a busy intersection.
The main focal point of the museum was this massive "Love" structure. It was originally made to be outdoors but was moved inside due to the weather deteriorating the metal. One of the museum workers nailed it on the head when he said... "I guess it's a work of art in itself, love endures all, even weather."
#SpringBlooms... the 100 acre garden attached to the museum of art. Which included beautiful spring flowers, lush green forests, old mansion, green houses full of orchids, and a beer garden! The garden itself was so large we didn't even have time to walk to the far back where there is a sculpture park around a lake.
I've recently decided that when I travel to new places... one of my destinations has to be the cities public art museum! The Indianapolis Museum of Art did not disappoint. The museum itself was architecturally a piece of art, and the outdoor 100 acre garden was absolutely beautiful for one of the first weekends of spring!