United States of America · 1 Days · 2 Moments · December 2014

De's adventure in United States of America

21 December 2014

After winning our bingo prizes from some comedian off Chelsea Lately we left the Roosevelt hotel and ordered some typical street food to soak up the alcohol, sizzling hotdogs wrapped in bacon. Somehow we ended up playing water bottle soccer along the streets of Hollywood with some locals, Eddie (BEP), Wiz and his friends. They wanted us to go play pool but we said our goodbyes as rolled into an open air sports bar and we order a massive plate of tachos around 3am. Tash had a massive headache so we headed home and then Jax, Mat and Vincent drank more. Vincent and Mat were plastered and kept playing their favourite songs repeatedly extra loud and dancing around the fireplace laughing. Tash was in the same room trying to sleep, Jax passed out on the floor mattress. Maty was sleeping and talking to himself and laughing. In the morning, Vince had to scooter off to move a car to his client and then went to the airport to pick up Jackie who was returning from her Hawaii MAC gig.
Vince took us out for pizza and then we to the infamous Roosevelt hotel for drinks. One of the local comedians was running a bingo night and we won 2 X bowling