Europe, North America · 10 Days · 8 Moments · April 2017

Derrick's adventure in Denmark

4 May 2017

The final day: After a night on the town with the kids, the morning started off with a nice Danish breakfast. Peter then took me to a shop downtown to find a gift for Taylor and after we took a trip around the lake and the old soccer stadium. We then went to Sky Mountain, the tallest point in Denmark. We climed another tower and saw the beautiful countryside. Peter's dad and I then went to a huge handball match and we had seats. The other people in the group did not have seats and were kind of jealous. :) We had a traditional Danish Christmas Dinner, which was really good. I then gave our presentation to the family and they learned a lot, they were particularly interested about how the Tribes and their government were intertwined with the other governments. It was then time to say goodbye and it was sad. I met some life long friends on this trip and would like to come visit in the future.
Day six: Woke up and was driven to school this time. We then boarded the bus to Aarhus, the oldest city in Denmark, there we visited the art museum that had a lot of near art. It had a piece called "The Boy" which is a large, life-like boy and it was kinda creepy. It also had a scratched up lambo and the tour guide said "We have no idea why we did this." After the museum, we travelled to the old city, which is consisted of a lot of old buildings from all sorts of eras. We hung out there for a few hours before heading back to Silkeborg. Peter's dad took me to see an old hospital and old German bunkers in Silkeborg, which I had no clue existed. That night, Peter and his family took me to a restaurant outside of Silkeborg, I had the Danish National Meal, which is basically bacon and potatoes, and it was really good. Outside of the restaurant, we met some British people and they asked me if I ran away from America and Trump, we laughed and got our picture taken together.

29 April 2017

Day five: We rode our bicycles to school again. It was a little easier today, but still a little touch. We met up with the first year Danish students and then took the bus to the West Coast. There we climbed a lighthouse and walked along the beach. Some of the group collected seashells while I walked up to the "Do not cross line" as the military was conducting exercises. I met a Danish soldier who has served their military for over 50 years. He was in charge of sounding the siren at people who get close to the line. We then visited the city of Ribe, we ate ice cream and toured the city before having a guided tour of the Viking museum. It was an early day and we arrived back at 3. Peter's parents cooked a very delicious meal with ham, potatoes, and cherry tomatoes and it was quite delicious. Peter and I then enjoyed a porch beer and the night was an early one.

27 April 2017

Day four: We woke up a little early since Peter is kind of a slacker and is usually late for class. The bike I rode on feels and looks small, but it is a sturdy bike and holds my 330 pounds just fine. The ride was not that bad until we hit hills, but again, not bad for the first time riding a bike in nine or so years. After we arrived at the college, it was straight into giving the presentations to three classes. It wasn't that bad at all and the third time was a breeze. Afterwards, we ate lunch at their cafe and introduced ourselves to the first year students, which some will be coming to Oklahoma next year. We walked Silkeborg and after we saw what attractions there was, we enjoyed a couple cold beers at a bar that was around the corner from their school. After we arrived back, Peter and I rode back to his home. We then went to the local sports club where he coaches badminton. I played a game against his best player of the elementary and scored twice on the kid.

26 April 2017

Day three continued: After we arrived at the Silkeborg train station, Peter picked me up and asked if I could ride a bike, in my mind I somehow thought it was a motorcycle, and I said yes and that was the plan for the morning. I later found out it was just a regular old bike. When we arrived, the family had dinner dogs, but it was good, the meat here is of a higher quality. Politics and Donald Trump was brought up within 10 minutes, I told them I voted for Gary Johnson and all of them knew who he was, which in America, only a few knew, and was relieved I did not vote for Donald. After dinner, I went straight to my room and layed down as my body needed the rest.
Day three: After a long night, a long night, out at the local bars and babysitting the kids. You would think it would of been rough, but it wasn't that bad. We first went to climb to the top of the round tower. We saw a couple more churches and watched the changing of the guards. After that, we ended up having a few more hours of free time before having to leave. Zane and I made out way to the Paper Island, which had lots of food trucks that served food from around the world. The others made the choice to go to The Hard Rock Cafe, but we made the better choice in my mind. Nobody listens to the old guy. :) We had three more hours to kill but I ended up just staying the lobby as my mind was willing, but the body was screaming no and that I wasn't the prime 18 year old Derrick anymore. We caught the train to Silkeborg and it sucked. My legs cramped up the entire time but I did not want to wake and bother the girls. Story continues in next entry:

25 April 2017

Day two: After a good night's rest. I woke up and had the hotels breakfast, which is a buffet style, and not seeing Southern Hospitality was weird. Everybody was just all about the hustle and controlled chaos. After breakfast, we went to Copenhagen's Central Train Station and caught a train to Malmo, Sweden. We toured an aquarium/museum/art gallery. After an hour and a half of touring, we decided to eat lunch at the cafe that was located on the grounds of the museum. I had the marinated pork with mushroom sauce and an apple cake for dessert. After we arrived back into Coppenhagen, the professors gave us a free roam. I ended up about two miles out from the hostel when I got the bright idea of visting the U.S. Embassy, it ended up being another two mile trek, but I ended up seeing a little slice of U.S. Soil and the power that our country has, even in little ol' Denmark. By the time I arrived back, some or the group went to Tivoli, my legs were dead so I did not go.

24 April 2017

Day one: After a couple of delays at DFW and thinking that we were gonna miss out connecting flight in Frankfort, we managed to hit the jet stream just right and got over in time. The plane ride was just bad just because it was 10 hours. Shared a couple of beers and shots of Bailey's with the German gentleman next to me and slept it of. After arriving in Copenhagen, the whirlwind started. We arrived to the hostel and had time for a quick freshen up before our Danish friends joined us. We toured the city and saw a few landmarks such as the Little Mermaid statue and the Queen's residence. Dinner was a Chinese Buffet. After dinner, the group went back to the room while I had to pick up some soap. I found out that the public restroom is a pay to use, so that was a shock. After walking back and after the shower, it was lights out at 8:30.