United States of America · 6 Days · 11 Moments · July 2017

Comic Con San Diego 2017

24 July 2017

Friday continued Evening: we all waited in line for the wrist bands to be handed out. That eventually happened around 10:30pm. There was a lot of crazy line issues with people trying to cut in line and people holding spots for waaay too many people (rule is 1 person can hold for 5). We thought we were going to get the A bands putting us in the front group of 1600, but we got the first batch of C bands meaning they handed out at least 3200 bands ahead of us. Very frustrating, but we got in still in a good spot. Also frustrating was the line management. We thought we would get moved by the convention center to sleep in the grass under canopies, but something got screwed up and we ended up basically remaining at the concrete peer where the yachts were partying. I left around midnight and Tammy stayed the night in line.
Friday Morning: After camping in line Friday night (not too bad), woke up around 5 am and line activity really began to pick up. Spent all morning in Hall H line. Tammy came to bring food and coffee first thing in the morning. Our new friend, Art Lopez, from Mexico joined us around 11am as a line buddy. Art relieves us to go eat lunch and do some Con activities. Afternoon: after eating lunch, went back to room for a quick nap and then hit the Indigo Ballroom line hoping to see the Mike Tyson Mysteries and Archer panels. Line was very long and we only made it in for Archer, which is what I wanted most to see. The panel was excellent. We left there to get back in Hall H line around 6:15 pm to relieve Art. It was then we met Art's buddy from the hostel he was staying at, Santiago from Colombia. He was only 16 at Comic Con by himself. Great kid.

23 July 2017

Sunday Comic-Con Morning: Netflix Experience - stranger things, blink, punisher - lined up at 6am and entered just after 11am when they opened. A little disappointed as they were out of (or we missed) the cool swag such as stranger things hat and shirt. Also missed the VR experience somehow. Frustrating Afternoon: Gave blood at the blood bank event. Tammy could not due to low iron counts revealed through the finger prick screening. Tammy attempted to rush back to Hall H for the Dr Who screening, but there was a line and she didn't make it in. We then hit the sales floor hoping to find something interesting, but as usual it was extremely crowded and we weren't able to find anything of interest. Just not our thing I guess.

22 July 2017

Saturday morning: I grabbed coffee and breakfast and got back to the line around 5:45 am. Tammy went back to the room to shower. The line migration to Hall H began around 8:00am and was painfully slow. Again, line management issues. We ended up getting into Hall H around 10:30am. Finally! Hall H Saturday Warner Bros Chris Hardwick Ready Player One Steven Spielberg Ernie Cline - writer Blade Runner 2049 Jerrod Letto (hologram) Harrison Ford Ryan Gosling Lenny James D.C. Comics Aquaman - Jason Mimoa Justice League - Ben Aflac, Gal Gadot, Ezra Miller, Ray Fisher Women Who Kick Ass Charlize Theron Stranger Things Westworld Marvel - Thor Ragnarok - Black Panther - Avengers: Infinity

20 July 2017

Morning: Went to Expanse escape room immediately after Bladerunner. Both were great. Just barely made it out but our team won. Afternoon: went to Ballroom 20 panels, including a premier screening of Medinna, "the great debate", and the Battlestar Gallactica reunion. Evening: Went to a night club party sponsored by IGN and Sony Pictured promoting the Dark Tower movie. We went in Cosplay (Laura Croft and Nathan Drake). We got in line much later than we should have. Ended up waiting over 2 hours to get in. Event wasn't that cool so we didn't stick around long. Decided late to get in the Hall H line. Got there around midnight and Derek spent the night. Good thing as the line quickly grew out of control
Thursday. First line we were in was for Bladerunner offsite. Surprisingly short line. Met Kendall Whitehouse (press guy) and Art Lopez here along from Mexico. Art ended up joining us as a "line buddy" Friday as we did the whole Hall H line

19 July 2017

Hilton Gaslamp
Incredible brunch at Wolfman's. Great bloody Mary's and breakfast shots. Food is exc lent but huge portions. Good to split