Canada · 25 Days · 23 Moments · June 2017

26 June 2017

4 June 2017

Heading home.

3 June 2017

Double crown.
Dinner at Evil Dave's
Trail head. 5 hour hike about to start.
Breakfast. Great place in Jasper called The Bear Claw.
Time for some breakfast, a quick bagel here, then off to the Bear Claw to grab a bigger breakfast and lunch.

2 June 2017

After dinner!!!!!
Saw this church on the way back to the bnb, Derek decided to join the shot 😁
Time for dinner
In Jasper, quick walk to stretch the legs.
Rosehip House. AirBnB in Jasper. Such a great find.
On the road...
Stuck behind a truck painting lines on the highway.
Lunch at Tims on the way.
Decided a haircut was in order before the Trip. Usual place was an hour wait, so off to Tip Top where there are 4 people in front of me.
Time to have a road trip, seems like a while since we have been out of town. So Jasper here we come. Hike, canoe and good food is all what is planned.