United Kingdom, Ireland · 4 Days · 25 Moments · June 2015

Del, Sam, Tommy and irish, Irish adventure

3 July 2015

Nice day, the weather is amazing. A great night in Doolin yesterday. Today has been the return leg to Sean and Helens house. Brief stop over so Tommy could take a dip in the Atlantic! To cold for me, still the sights were out of this world. Takeaway and a chill out night, not a Guinness in sight!

2 July 2015

Another amazing day in Ireland. Starting with Father Ted's house then a boat trip around the cliffs followed by home made stew prepared by Sean's lovely mum. Rounded off by a trip to local pub. I think I have now drank my weight in Guinness!
Today started with hangover from hell, Irish moonshine is not fun kids. However after a trip to farther ted's house followed by tea and cakes all is good in the world. Pictures to follow.

1 July 2015

Lovely lunch in kilcock, followed by a BBQ at Helen and Sean's, great hosts. Cracking day for it, good banter and good food - a common theme during this Irish excursion.
Nice morning so far, on our way to Catherine's home town. Made a stop of to get myself checked.......
Some more pictures from tayto park and the Dublin night out. Unbelievable birthday!
Birthday night was incredible, more Guinness great food and great people. Followed by Sam and Del of adventure at half 12. Sam found chips and cheese. She was happy!

30 June 2015

Guinness factory done. The best part? The Guinness easily the best pint of Guinness I have ever had!
Arrived in Dublin, what a stunning city.
Tayto park done! Dublin bound now for my FIRST real pint of Guinness!
Think Jurassic park but substitute dinosaurs with tasty crisps
Adventure in tayto land complete! Dublin bound for my first REAL pint of Guinness!!!
Belfast looks better during the day it was like dawn of the dead last night!!
A grey Belfast morning, oh well it's the big 3-0 today! I don't look a day over 25 easy paper round I guess. Dublin next and more Guinness!

29 June 2015

After a long day time for bed.
The driver finally gets a pint of Guinness!!!
First Irish Guinness - going down nicely.
Carrick-a-rede rope bridge. Sam was a big brave girl
Giant causeway. Epic rocks.
On the way to Giants causeway.
£1 into a fruit machine = £250 jackpot. Luck of the Irish!!
Sams on tea, being the designated driver sucks.
Goodbye Scotland see you in a week!
Engines just firing up on the Ferry. First pint of Guinness ordered. This will be the base line Guinness for the remainder of the journey!