Ecuador · 4 Days · 23 Moments · March 2017

Dennis and Linda in Galapagos

21 March 2017

Sea turtles and baby sharks. The sharks use this cove to hide from adult male sharks who eat them.
Black Turtle Cove.
Blue footed Booby, amd pelicans resting on the banks.
Sea lions
I took a lot of pictures from the dinghy.

20 March 2017

Views of our boat and others.
More from our walk in the mud.
Second day. A walk in the sticky sticky mud. But we saw a lot.

19 March 2017

Sea lions sleeping on the dock
Lonesome George. He's been here one two weeks and was the last of his species. They tried to breed him but never found a mate.
Darwin research giant
Giant tortoises migrated from the South Americarn mainland. Unfortunately, they were almost wiped out by whaling ships and settlers to the Galapagos because they were a great source of food. There was also np water on the islands and the tortoises each have a bladder which stored several quarts of water.
First day the Darwin research facility
Headed for the ship
First views

18 March 2017