United States of America · 82 Days · 33 Moments · July 2017

California Adventure 2017

7 October 2017

Megan went to a friend’s parent’s house and saw this. She said it was the fanciest house she’s ever been to

2 October 2017

I went for a walk the other day and passed these

30 September 2017

Saturday was my birthday. I asked for a trip to the beach. That night we went to see the play that Megan assistant designed. It was intense and interesting. The acting was very good and of course the designs we perfect.

29 September 2017

Friday night was October Fest in La Mesa. It was small so we saw most all of it. Megan got a hand made, wooden, double sided, seam ripper at one of the craft booths. We found a beer garden with live German music and hung out for a while. Larry is here to visit for my birthday weekend and to go see the play Megan was assistant designer for. I was so glad to see him!

8 September 2017

Yesterday Megan and one of her teachers and some other girls went to LA for fabric shopping. She said the variety of fabric was amazing. The third picture is all leather. I don't know how I would ever choose. The prices run from affordable to OMG. The picture of beaded wedding dress fabric says it all. There were walls of buttons. She took awesome videos but I am not able to post them here. She told me about seeing lots of homeless people on the streets just blocks down from the fabric stores. She got a little frightened and says she will never go over there without a group of people. It was a new experience for her

6 September 2017

Yesterday Megan was invited by her design teacher to a final dress rehearsal of Carmen at the LA Opera. Denitsa was the costume designer for the show. There was an extra ticket so Megan invited me to go along too. I was thrilled. We left early, fighting traffic all the way. Arrived in plenty of time and met Denitsa to get our tickets. I had not met her before and I liked her very much. We were in the extreme nose bleed section and I was so glad we had rented binoculars so the girls could see the costumes close up. The opera was Carmen. It is set in Seville Spain and sung in French which confused the heck out of me. They had captions above the stage so we were able to follow the story line. They dumbed it up for us because they would tell us "I love you" and then the actors would sing for five minutes. It was very long but the costumes were awesome. The ones in the final scene were just beautiful. It was a great experience. So glad I got to go

4 September 2017

This weekend we spent time looking for trees. Megan had to sketch 5 trees for her Rendering class. Rendering is what they call it when the designer makes the drawings of the costumes. We sat by the pool while she drew. Nothing much else going on. Megan is very busy at school. She is supposed to have a short day on Tuesday but she didn't get home till 5 yesterday. I guess that's early since she has class until 6 on Monday and Thursday. I am just holding down the fort. Keeping her company when she has time. We also went art supply shopping on Saturday. Saw lots of new areas of the suburbs. It was 104 degrees. TOO HOT!! They have low use energy days at the electric company, so if you use less energy you get a credit toward your bill. So I sat in the dark in front of the fan for two days last week. The heat peeked on Saturday. It should be better this week. Hope you are all well. I miss you

28 August 2017

Today was the first day of the first year of graduate school at San Diego State University! Megan took her lunch to school and left Very early. She got flowers from Grandma and a celebration dinner out.

27 August 2017

Sunday we finished decorating the apartment. It looks really nice. I'm glad she found a nice place to live. I will feel better about leaving her here.

26 August 2017

We made another trip to campus today. Took some things to Megan's office and got a few pictures. Also a second trip to the bookstore for 1 final book (I hope). The campus is SO crowded now. School starts Monday. There where hoards of students and parents everywhere. We are glad we got here early to learn our way around a bit before everything is crowded. Megan knows which parking garage to park in that is closest to her building and has learned how to get in and out of campus. She gets to have a faculty parking permit so that helps too. She has to climb a big hill to get there but it puts her out right at her door. She is going to get so fit living here. Maybe I should go to campus everyday just to climb the hill with her. We found an inside mall (after many U-turns). And then bought bug spray at (gasp) Home Depot. I soaked the patio so hopefully we will be rid of all crawley things. Megan hates crawley things. Hope you are all well. More soon

24 August 2017

Yesterday was another trip to the campus. It was our third visit to Student Accounts. They finally figured out Megan's tuition waver and we were able to pay what we owed. The system would not let her register for classes until it was paid. Then there were two trips to the registrar before getting her classes figured out. They want you to do it on line but there are no directions on how to go about that. Then a trip to the bookstore of course. I got to see the "shop" (costume shop) and saw Megan's desk and met one of the teachers. We saw this tree on campus. I have never seen anything like it. Megan says they have jungle plants here. One weekend before classes start. She is going to be a busy girl!

22 August 2017

Yesterday I made my second trip to the college. The buildings are all over the mountains. I saw lots of new buildings. The round building is the Library. There is a HUGE cactus right next to the theatre building. Megan keeps telling me they're not cactus they are succulents. I don't care. It was HUGE! There is also a pond and waterfall area with chairs to sit in the shade. There are turtle statues in the ponds. It is a beautiful part of the campus. Immediately after our trip to the campus we went to the beach (pictures to follow).

21 August 2017

Today Megan had a meeting with the costume department at the school. While she was gone I went for a walk around the complex. It is small and the landscaping is beautiful. There is a small fitness center. The pool and tables with umbrellas and some grills. I took a picture of her mailboxes and the laundry room. Everything is locked so I couldn't go inside anywhere. But can get to the seating area next to the laundry room. (Where Megan and I sat and folded clothes because it was so hot inside the laundry room so we went outside). And the tables with umbrellas and the grills are open. It's nice and quiet here.

20 August 2017

Sunday we decided to go exploring and also wanted to go to Kohls. The nearest one is in a city a little north called Santee. We found it ok and did a little shopping. There are SO many people here. There is always traffic and the line at Kohls made it seem like Christmas time in Missouri. Long. We drove around a bit. Got stuck in several parking lots because you can hardly get out of one the same way you got in. Also California is the only state I've been too that has a u-turn option on their signal signs. Which is a good thing because we made a lot of them. Also none of the roads are straight. They curve and loop and I never know what direction I'm going. You can't get off a highway, go to the light, cross over the bridge,and get back on. No way. You have to go all convoluted before you find a way back. It was a big adventure

19 August 2017

Saturday! Lots more people around the complex. Last evening someone was having a birthday party outside with lots of talking and laughing. It was nice to hear. We have started opening the sliding glass door and using fans a lot more. Turns out they charge more if you use more energy. I mean like twice as much if you go over a certain level of usage (per Watts or however it's measured). We straightened enough for me to get pictures of the kitchen. And thought y'all should see our view from the patio. Hope you are all doing well. More apartment pictures to come.

18 August 2017

We've been doing chores and unpacking the last few days. Nothing exciting. We have been to the school a few more times. Megan has a meeting and then orientation next week. Then classes start on the 28th. We will try to get everything in it's place in the apartment so I can send pictures. Hope you are all well. There is a VERY scary picture at the end!

15 August 2017

Today we had things to do at the college. The goals for the day were get a student ID and get a parking permit and then go to the grocery store. Ends up we were there on international student orientation day. So there where lines. We got Megan's picture taken but where told about 2 hours for it to print. You have to have your ID before you get your permit. So we went to the book store and where looking around when Megan got an email saying she still needed to turn in paperwork for her employment. She never got any paper work. So off we went to find HR. Turns out they never sent her the information. So now she has to fill in forms and then we go back tomorrow. Parking permit has to be gotten on line too. But they had to set up an account for her. Ug! THEN we went grocery shopping for an hour and a half. I'm pooped. More adventures tomorrow!

14 August 2017

Yesterday, Monday the 13th we had to say goodbye to Lexi and Marie. It was hard for Megan and my heart hurt for her. Before they left we tried to fit in as much as possible. A visit to Mt Helix, shopping at a Mediterranean market and shopping for home supplies. Mediterranean food for lunch and the girls picked around 70 pictures from over the years to make a big collage to hang on the wall. Then there was some decorating. Time to go to the airport came too soon even after all we had packed in. We will miss the girls very much. I am so glad they were willing and able to come. So it's the two of us against the world now. A big adventure awaits.

12 August 2017

Today was rest and putting up curtains and hooking up Wifi and The Beach!! I LOVE the beach here. The sand does not burn your feet. It is not covered in seaweed and no rocks! You can tell I've only ever been to the Gulf of Mexico in Texas. I loved it! It was a little over cast and cool but I plan to go back on a bright sunshiny beautiful day and stay for hours. Tomorrow Larry leaves very early in the morning and has to start teaching on Monday. I will really miss him.

10 August 2017

Unpacking and setting up. There were several furniture arrangement changes. But it's beginning to look like a home

9 August 2017

The apartment. Clean and Empty. The girls where so glad to be here
Day 3 or drive. Part 2. Las Vegas to San Diego. Lots of desert and mountains. The Mojave Dessert is really barren!! There were a lot more mountains than I expected. We were stopped at an agricultural inspection station. They asked what was in the van and if we had any plants. Then we hit the traffic!! LOTS of traffic. 4-5 lanes FULL and SLOW. Finally made it to the apartment and got the keys before the office closed. Then there was a Food break. more to come
Day 3 of drive. Part one. Embassy Suites Las Vegas. We were SO glad to get here after 13.5 hours driving

8 August 2017

Day 2. Part 4. We arrive in Las Vegas.
Day 2 of drive. Part 3. Arizona. Here is what we saw
Day 2 of drive. August 8. Part 2. Utah. Utah was interesting. Sort of stark, not much vegetation, but lots of different mountain formation. Larry even has his own monogrammed mountain there. Also we passed a lot of signs that said a town name and then "No Services". We figured no gas or food. Then we passed a sign that said "No Services Next 170 miles". That means no gas, no food, no potty, no electricity, no internet, no cell service. No Nothing! Glad we had just stopped for gas Before we saw this sign! On to Arizona
Day 2 of drive August 8th. Colorado. He mountains where beautiful!

7 August 2017

Day 1 of drive. ALL the way across Kansas.

6 August 2017

Day two of truck loading! Everything fit!

5 August 2017

Day one of loading the truck. Today was Megan's apartment. She is officially apartmentless at this time. One more day to fill the truck and get last minute washing and miscellaneous previously forgotten items together. Then we hit the road. Thanks to Megan's friend Lexi for making today a success

30 July 2017

Finished the project! Still packing but almost done. Getting really excited and nervous.

29 July 2017

We are almost ready for our California Adventure. Megan will be attending San Diego State University for her graduate degree in Costume Design. I'm going along for the ride. We are packing. Spiders are NOT appreciated!! We leave on the 7th.

18 July 2017

I am also trying to get in a last minute DIY project. Bought 3 barstools for $5 each. Let's see how much they end up costing when they're done. So far $20 of paint and 10 mom hours (i.e. Free Labor!)