China · 21 Days · 40 Moments · June 2017

Demi's journi to China

24 June 2017

DM4 Let's start from the beginning, in Beijing we experienced and did so many thing but even before we can to Beijing my first thought when I though "what is Beijing" was the Great Wall of china this was also one of the things I was most excited for on the trip. It was also apparent on every magnet, tee shirt and other souvenirs that were offered in Beijing. Next we visited Xi'an and their brand image in my opinion would be the Terra-cotta warriors. The city is best known for these ancient artifacts and the images are plastered all around the town. I do not believe anyone would travel to this city without taking a look at the warriors. Next is Hangzhou and I believe their brand image would be water ways and canals. Their city is full of them and it's how they transfer most of their goods it is very important to their city. Suzhou's brand image would have to be silk. It is the silk capital of china and this is where the finest silk is produced. To be continued... in comments

23 June 2017

CC4 on your last day in China, discuss your food/snack decisions and how you felt after you ate that particular food. So sadly in the heat of the moment I forgot to take pictures of my food but on my last day in Shanghai I chose to eat foods that honestly were not Chinese. For lunch the best thing I found in the park were "potatoes gems with meat strings" they were nothing like I expected them to be particularly because what the name was and what I got were not very similar. I'm not sure what they meant by meat strings but it had this weird fibrous looking brown stuff on top that also kinda resembled cotton candy if it were not so stuck together. It was a tater tot with a strange yet kind of good sauce on them and the mystery meat. The sauce was sweet and over all they were good for what I payed for them so I was happy. Aside from that I ate kettle corn but mainly for the decorative bucket and at the end of the day McDonalds because I was craving nuggets. Overall happy with my choices
1: DM There was a lot that I learned in our lecture at Fudan University on the SWOT analysis of development in western China. Professor Guo went in depth about both east and west China some of the main things that I learned is how the geography of western China plays a big role in the reason its underdeveloped and as popular as a tourist destinations and why eastern China is flourishing and bustling. It is difficult to market western China because of the difficulty to travel there first of all. There is one way in and out of western China which would make it difficult to develop and ultimately market to the world as a tourism destination. The east has been easily accessible and lived on for thousands of years so development grew with the people, some areas more than others. The main reason it's had this opportunity is because of its proximity to the ocean and water ways. I hope that the country may invest some money into the west and uncover its underlying potential.

22 June 2017

2. CC what was the significance of the "ping pong" diplomacy? The ping pond diplomacy brought together two countries that had no plans to be diplomatic towards one another ever since World War II. Yet, through a chain of events that occurred between the Chinese delegation and one American table tennis player two great nations came together. It all started in 1971 when Japan was hosting the table tennis championships and a single American boarded the bus of the Chinese delegation. Instead of rejecting the player and casting him aside they treated him with respect and acceptance and apparently they even got a English translator for their guest. Eventually the word got out about what happened that day and even though it was just one man and one encounter the Chinese reconsidered the relationship and wanted to pursue becoming allies again. Only one year after the accidental encounter the Chinese republic invited president Nixon to their great country and the relationship has flourished.
#1: DM I believe that destination stakeholders have many areas that could be improved in order to manage their tourists, specifically at the attractions. The first step is to hire enough staff so that if there's a rule there is a staff member to enforce those rules because a sign won't stop tourist from misbehaving in some cases. This was made apparent to me when we saw multiple people jumping over the chains that were meant to keep the public out and taking pictures with mannequins, touching them and even sitting in the model cars. This can significantly decrease the life of the exhibit and it could cost the museum a lot of money in the long run. Aside from this I believe that destination stakeholders can also make sure the rules are understood in all languages because even though there was a photo showing what was prohibited the words were only in mandarin. This leaves room for misunderstanding and tourist that feel misinformed. In order to avoid it a simple multilingual sign will do

21 June 2017

1. DM first impression of Shanghai When our tour guide announced we were entering Shanghai all the virgins flew back. I was a little puzzled but I knew we were probably only on the outer edge of the city so I gave it a little time to grow. And boy did it grow! At one point looking up didn't help me see the top of the building maybe almost the top but they went beyond the view from the bus window. I felt like I was in New York but on stilts. The buildings weren't just tall they were unique and shiny, I loved it. Some people were disappointed in the lack of culture but this was only our first glance and Shanghai made it a point to be different they wanted to be big and bold and show the world how far it's come. The only thing that made my impression of Shanghai better was seeing it below me feet. I did a crazy thing and stepped out onto the glass floor where I could see the city 159 meters below me it was exhilarating with a dash scary. I am so excited to experience more of Shanghai!

20 June 2017

2. CC discuss the historical relationship between Suzhou and Shanghai The relationship between Shanghai and Suzhou in the past was actually pretty interesting and would most likely surprise anyone who heard the story, I know it surprised me. Before Shanghai shot out from the ground it actually depended on Suzhou and Suzhou was bigger than Shanghai. Once England and china started exchanging goods through the canal and they started to flourish more that's when Shanghai began to grow and people would live In Suzhou and commute to work to avoid Insane prices. Now Shanghai is huge and bustling and helps support the country as a whole it is a job hub as well as the financial and business capital for the country. Suzhou and Shanghai still have a relationship though because now the people work in both because their offices will be based in the small city but they work in their home towns or in the city depending on the job. Jeff for example is based in Shanghai but lives in Suzhou.
1. DM Suzhou's ancient craft of embroidery was the most fascinating thing that I believe makes it a tourism destination. It's truly impressive to see how dedicated these women are to keeping their culture & traditions alive. I'm sure tiger hill was a wonderful experience that draws in tourists and it a shame we missed it due to the weather, Aside from that we rode on the small boat down the canals and I would recommend this to any tourist the captains of the boat were very friendly and very conscious of our safety on the vessel. We saw tiger hill from the boat ride & got some great pictures that way, the boat ride also open up the opportunity to see inside the lives of the traditional, less modern lives of the mostly older generations and that definitely makes Suzhou a tourist destination. After we left the canal we took a short bus ride to the shopping street which also draws in tourists because tourists love nicknacks and souvenirs. There was lots of local food and I enjoyed my time!

19 June 2017

2. CC Due to the fact that we saw it yesterday embroidery is the freshest in my mind and honestly some of the most magnificent we have seen since we arrived in China. The sheer skill and dedication that it takes to become a master baffles me. I could never imagine dedicating my life to a craft but the women here in China do, but for good reason. The women dedicate their lives so that they can keep the tradition of embroidery alive and that is wonderful. I hope the millennials and future generations don't lose this art. It crazy to think that some women embroider silk clothes so thin you can see through them with a single strand of silk fiber which has a smaller diameter that a strand of hair. I order to do this they much use needles equally as thin so that there are no visible holes from the needle. I am so honored to have witnessed this ancient craft being preformed and hope that it may live on for generations to come so that they do not lose something so important to their history!
2.CC Well I know that we haven't really gotten the chance to unwind with some Chinese people but it's from my observation & listening that I have come up with the typical Chinese unwind. I believe that the Chinese typically like to unwind in peaceful/religious or monumental areas where they can take in some culture & pretty sights at the same time. I have seen this at the temple of heaven where the older people set up cards & just played at the end of the long walk from the entrance In a little park like area. I also observed this in the garden we visited yesterday there were people sitting for tea and reading books and just hanging out. The typical western hang out usually doesn't require admittance cost first of all. Also they usually have a drink with friends it public places like the beach or a bar which I've heard the Chinese usually prefer to do in the comforts of their own homes. Also sometimes westerners do non relaxing things like visit themeparks as contradicting as it sounds

18 June 2017

1.DM what is the impact of, economic, personal, educational, etc.? Tourism Impacts destinations in numerous and monumental ways. I believe one of the best benefits from tourism on a destination is the financial benefit. Every tourist that visits a destination spends money and in most cases more money than the average resident would spend. They are buying souvenirs, food/beverages, admission tickets to the attractions, and much more. Even the money that the vendors take that I'm not sure will go back to the government or not will be more money in their pocket hat will be spent in their own towns and then will recycle its way back into their countries economy causing it to grow and flourish. Another benefit from tourism is that it can truly develop a nation just by becoming a popular spot to visit. Soon a city that use to be slums could become high rises and nicer neighborhoods just from the demand of the tourists which can benefit the locals in the destination!

17 June 2017

1.DM what were some intangible tourism products that enhanced your experience at WuZhen today? The first and best intangible tourism product that enhanced my experience in WuZhen has also been apparent in Hangzhou and that is the air quality. I struggled in Beijing with the air quality and some places of Xi'an where it wasn't necessarily smoggy but stinky. In Hangzhou and WuZhen there is so much green and mountains and clear air that it just makes it an even better experience to be in the space. Aside from the air quality on a more tourism aspect I enjoyed the intangible feeling of the peaceful boat ride. It took us away from the loud busy bustling crowd that haunted every other inch of the streets of WuZhen. Slowly strolling down the canal brought me to a place when I felt so Zen especially being surrounded by the beautiful greenery and adorable small bridges that connected both sides of the canal to one another. I am happy that I experienced WuZhen and all of its intangible products

16 June 2017

2: CC Tourism can both hurt and keep culture alive all at the same time. Tourism gives a culture a reason to keep flourishing because of the demand from the tourists to see this culture. My first thought when I heard this question was about when we visited the embroidery shop. Although embroidery is a dying art it is still kept alive by tourists because when they come and see it they cannot get enough of it and they spend hundreds of thousands of dollars of pieces that take years to create. When the demand is there it keeps people preforming this ancient art. Tourists also also create a reason to conserve and protect natural and ancient culture because if it were not protected it could easily become distorted and there would be no tourism because there would not be a culture to see or experience. Tourist do not often realize their impact on the world but we are what keeps a culture alive along with the natives of the country who live there and deliver the cultural experiences.
2. CC from our three university visits so far, identify some instances in which you experienced or observed the effects of long-term orientation. The most predominant observation that I have made that establishes long-term orientation is the fact that every student we talk to always reaches out to us and adds us on WeChat, Instagram, and Facebook if they have it. They are doing this in order to build a connection with us and keep in touch in the long run. It's not like the states where you say " hey add me on Facebook!" And then you never speak to each other again. These students added us and then messaged us right away. I also noticed that the schools that we had better connections with and longer relationships with greater us in more organized fashions and truly went out of their way to make our experience great so that we may continue to grow our relationship. This was demonstrated when Zhenjiang University altered their presentation so that we could understand it!
DM: My opinion on the smart room hotels based on the presentation today is that it is an overall great concept but I believe that they have gone a little too in depth with it. I love the fact that they can track each rooms consumption and I believe that it would be a great asset in order to promote conservation and green initiatives. I do not like the idea of them storing the data individually and keeping it as a profile for each user. I understand they are trying to make it convenient but you can have a remote that controls the room without storing the information individually to each person. The room temperature part is a little unnecessary in my opinion. People typically travel with a variety of people and their indivisible needs change based on the travelers present, also there is a thermostat in the room already and it is not difficult to adjust it to everyone's preference. I enjoyed the presentation and cannot wait to see how this product develops in the future.
#4 CC Hofstede's cultural dimension, power distance represents how a culture views power and the degree of differences there must be between individuals with power & those without. Because china has high power distance it it is expected that those with power will be respected more and treated in a way that significantly shows their power. This was demonstrated at the meeting with Zhenjiang University in a number of ways. The first way that I saw this being demonstrated is when individuals from the crowd were walking to the front to sign documents & receive plaques. You knew who has the authority because when the plaque was handed from one of the individual to the next The receiver would bow down really low. Secondly power distance was represented In The picture taking behavior, the most important people would always be located in the center of the crowd and gradually they would be come less and less significant as they went closer to the out side of the frame.

15 June 2017

#1 CC please discuss the ways in which you've seen ancient and modern China merge together I have seen ancient China and modern China merge together in basically every city we have visited this far. One of my favorites was Xi'an; I loved how the city went from being modern and tall and beautiful to then seeing and passing under this magnificent wall then everything got smaller and more traditional with a few hits of the modern city within. It was kind of like what Professor Mejia was mentioning on the boat tour how you see china just shift from modern to ancient while you drift along the lake in Hangzhou. In Beijing it was very modern but I love the small spurts of tradition when we would see random gates and even architecture that were hides between skyscrapers. And finally although China is one of the fastest growing countries of the 21st century there is a large portion of its population who believe in and practice TCM they keep close to their roots no matter how deep they grow!

14 June 2017

1. DM in what ways have you experienced technology across the tourism products in China so far? Since my arrival in china I have experience so many new and amazing forms of technology. The most magnificent and also most recent was the west lake impression show we witnessed last night. They had lights emerging from the water lights illuminating the greets in the background surrounding the lake light on the people walking over the water it was truest magnificent and unlike anything I have ever seen before. I have also witnessed technology in the form of travel. Taking the high speed train was so amazing traveling at over 300 kilometers per hour! They have perfected this mode of travel far beyond ways that I have traveled ever before. The high speed train made it possible to significantly reduce travel time so that you may spend less time traveling and more time experiencing. China is full of technology and I cannot wait to experience all it has to offer.
2. Name 2-3 Chinese social beliefs (i.e. "superstitions") that Bing lectured about this morning. So I did not have pictures to symbolize these superstitions but I did retain a few from his lecture. Earlier Bing lectured about Chinese superstitions most I noticed were about gift giving culture and beliefs. The ones that stood out the most to me were gift giving of fans, watches, and the symbolism of chopsticks in rice. In the Chinese culture you will never receive a fan as a gift. This is because the word fan in Chinese means separation, so unless they want to be superstars from you they will not gift one to you in order to keep the relationship together. You will also not receive a watch, the word watch in Chinese sounds like the word funeral so it is not an acceptable gift to give in the Chinese culture because it would basically be ill willed. Lastly chopsticks in rice resemble incense which are used after someone died so one should avoid sticking their chopsticks straight up.
#2 DM One of the best examples of marketing that I have experienced this far was from when we visited the tea valley farm. The ladies who worked there did a wonderful job of drawing us in and truest creating an experience. First we all sat in this room, I was glasses so I assumed they would be sampling their tea (generic marketing method that alone would not sell me) I am not the biggest tea drinker so this didn't excite me but I was happy to have a sample from the location I was visiting. They truly sold the whole crowd when they did their health benefits demonstration. No one could believe their eyes when they saw that a cup of green tea could detoxify the glass of a substance that symbolized the acids and toxins we put into our bodies. After we saw this everyone knew they were sold and bought up every product they were offering to us. Aside from that hotels have done a wonderful job of marketing by ensuring they brand everything from their Sandler to even a fragrance and the ashtray

12 June 2017

#1 CC In my cross cultural exchange I learned so much! Her name was J and she was very excited to be talking to us. I learned that after summer she will be studying in France for 10 months. That will be the first time that she will leave china and she will be living in an apartment with another student from XISU. She has a much older brother who has a daughter who is in fifth grade and is taller and bigger than she is. I learned that it is not normal for them to work while in school so she has only had two jobs once over summer her freshman year at a coffee shop as a waitress and the second time over winter break as a cashier in a shop. She was very intrigued that I drove and that in America we are able to drive at sixteen years old. She wasn't so excited about her degree to begin with but she has grown fonder of it since she began studying and she thinks she will work in a hotel in the future. I am really happy to have had this experience and even happier that J taught me so much!
#2 DM I believe that the Muslim street is a must see tourist destination because of all it has to offer. It is a great place to bargain, get snacks, and see new culture. If you're looking for a great shopping place I would recommend the Muslim street. Almost anything there you can get for less than half the price as long as you bargain well, and if you don't mind having fake nice things then you can buy a lot of "Michael Kors" or "Polo" and look nice for a fraction of the price. My favorite part about the Muslim street was the food! I got rolled ice cream which I have tried before in the states but it was so much better! It's so cool to watch them make ice cream right in front of you and it's very delicious too! Grace and Ploy got cotton candy which you can see in my photos and it's just one of those things you have to buy because you need a picture of it, and although it was just cotton candy I think it was better than what I've had in the states. Overall I'm so happy to have visited!

11 June 2017

1. DM in contrast with Beijing and Xian, what is your first impression of Hangzhou. First impression, VERY green! And I love it! So far from my first impression of Hangzhou I think I will enjoy it even more than Beijing and Xi'an. I believe that the traffic or at least the drivers aren't are bad as the other cities but I'm sure if I give it some time they will still be here. The city seems to be much smaller than both Beijing and Xi'an which I am enjoying this far. Beijing & Xi'an had many amazing attractions and I have yet to see what Hangzhou has to offer so it is difficult to compare them in that aspect but my expectations from Hangzhou is that it will be more quiet and quaint in a good way but I will miss the bustle of Beijing and the culture and history of Xi'an. I can only imagine what Hangzhou has to offer in the near future and I am looking forward to the dragon boat ride and yet another university exchange so I can have the opportunity to speak with more students in this feild
2. CC Food has to have been my biggest struggle. I push through regardless and I try as much as I can and I have enjoyed a lot but that has to be my only real "challenge" I have excepted the cultural differences and the crazy drivers & nosey people don't bother me but the food some time I need to push my self really hard to try but I believe I have gone far beyond my comfort zone in the effort to try and over come this challenge. I've eaten bean curds and jello with unknown fruit in it, I've eaten strange mystery mollusks & liked them as well as some other things that may not sound so adventurous but we're for me. Every day I overcome this challenge by pushing my self to take at least a bite of everything on the table & not limit my experiences by judging a food before I taste it. It's possible I'll only be here in china once In my life I have to experience everything I can because the opportunity is not guaranteed to arise again. I am so fortunate to be here & want to immerse myself.

10 June 2017

#1 CC While we visited the restaurant/resort it was imperative that we showed face (respect) to our hosts. They went above and beyond to welcome us and we responded by showing face in many ways. At first we made sure to Great them with eye contact and a firm hand shake to express our appreciation for the invitation. After we arrived we proceeded to the dining room where we were blown away by a 25 course meal and the upmost hospitality. In this situation we showed face by waiting for everyone to be seated and all the dishes to be introduced before we proceeded to toasting and consuming our luxurious meal. We ensured that we ate our food slowly so that we could appreciate the taste and show our appreciation for our meal, and the effort they put into catering to us. Finally they took us on a tour and we showed them respect by taking pictures and expressing our amazement to their beautiful accommodations. When we parted I made sure to make eye contact one more and thank them multiple times
#2 DM Today's lunch was a prime example of the characteristics of Chinese hospitality. They expressed their hospitality in a number of ways, first was how they presented the food. It was not just a meal but an experience. Every place was hand crafted and along with the highlight of the dishes were small intricate designed and garnishes that were added to transform the dish from food to a gift. They had multiple people attending to our needs and they never let your glass go dry or a empty plate sit in front of you. They even offered us a specialty beverage which was one of their well known juices, pomegranate juice. After our meal they offered to take us on a tour of their beautiful courtyard and prestigious guest rooms. They even played ping pong with us and allowed us to completely immerse ourselves in our surroundings and this new environment. Finally they sent us off with invitations to return and they even told Jessica that they would teach her how to make her favorite dish soon
2. CC compare the cuisines of Beijing and Xi'an The cuisine in Beijing and Xi'an were similar in some aspects but very different in others. The similarities can be seen in their meat, some vegetables, some dishes in general. Both locations served primarily chicken and pork but I did enjoy duck in both locations as well but they different in the methods. In Beijing we had pecking duck which was roasted and in Xi'an we had duck in the dumplings both were delicious but I think I preferred the dumplings which had more flavor. In Xi'an we also experienced some different seafood like a strange mollusk but similarly we ate a flat fish in Beijing if I remember correctly. Vegetables have been both ways as well both locations have offered broccoli and lBok choy as well as mushrooms. But in Xi'an we got to taste a new green which I cannot remember the name of but was very watery, fuzzy and delicious with the sauce! Overall I have enjoyed both the cuisines and am thankful to have tried them!
1. DM My most memorable experiences in Xi'an have to be the wonderful dining experience and tour that Prof. Wei & her father set up for us, and Tai Chi at the hotel that they graciously offered us. The tourism products that made the experience at the resort so memorable were the people, the food, and the accommodations they had to offer there even though we didn't get the opportunity to stay there. The people were so hospitable & so warm they went above and beyond for us and showed us true Chinese hospitality. For the food it was just exquisitely created and so much effort was put into it you almost didn't want to eat it. And finally the accommodations were out of this world I can only dream to have the opportunity to stay somewhere so fancy and so beautiful. At Tai Chi the instructor made the experience memorable, at first she was scary but she was only trying to make sure we had proper form. The setting also added to the experience when will I get the chance to do Tai Chi in China?

9 June 2017

2. CC So I know these pictures don't represent collectivism but I don't have any on my phone since I made room so it will have to do. Some factors that I've seen in China that expresses a collectivistic society are primarily how they share meals, but also their style of serving and possibly the fact that they all do their examinations the same days all together. The lazy Susan in my mind is a prime example of collectivism it is meant so that single dishes may be shared with al members in the party. It spins that that even dishes on the other side of the table can simply be turned your direction. Collectivism has all so been present in the ways we are served I've witnessed a student order and individual drink & receive multiple cups because the Chinese don't expect you to enjoy it alone. The last example Im not completely sure of but having exams all together at once and taking all the same classes makes it much easier to study collectively and I associate that with a collective society
1. DM The number one problem that I have noticed that I believe should be improved is the fact that it is very hard to communicate even with some of the front desk staff or staple employees. I understand that English is not their native language but it is the universal language and they would use it to communicate with other international tourists as well. If this were the states I believe that the way they would resolve this problem would be to simply provide classes to their employees it doesn't need to be extreme maybe once a week they have staff interact with mock customers who are actually English instructors or maybe to cut cost they could have their more fluent employees train their employees who aren't fluent or struggle. It is my opinion that I am more accepting of these problems but I know quite a few people who would be very upset that the staff cannot communicate with them. It is very important to be heard in the hospitality industry and I hope there are improvements.

8 June 2017

2. CC One of the most predominant cultural behaviors that I have witnessed so far on the trip is everyone taking our pictures. They do it in so many ways some people try to hide it, some walk right up to you and put a camera in your face and others just ask to take a photo with you. This phenomenon is quite strange but I don't mind, I understand where they're coming from were so different from them and they aren't exposed to a multicultural society such as we are in the states. My favorite is when kids want pictures because they're just so cute and so excited. Another cultural behavior that I've noticed is that these people are not scared at all by moving vehicles. It is completely normal for pedestrians to be walking while cars turn left go straight and motorcycles go any which direction. Every vehicular comes wishing inches of one another and people barely honk other than just letting you know there behind you. The best part is they never get in accidents, yet they drive crazier.
1. DM I am so thankful and so happy to be on this trip with such wonderful people. They have triply made this experience unique in a way that I was not expecting before we departed. Most everyone has accepted me in and treated me like a friend and we've only know each other a week. They have added to my experience by being a support system. While I've been here I have had in my opinion a lot less contact with loved ones & they make it easier to get my mind off of it and just submerge myself in the experience and enjoy myself while in here. They have been the driving force behind me growing the courage to try new foods & move outside my comfort zone. I hope that I can motivate and encourage my peers as much as they have for me. Without this group and all of their support I seriously doubt I would be experiencing this trip the way I have. It's nice to have them because we're all learning and going through the same first moments and we all do it differently that it teaches us perspective

7 June 2017

2:DM identify some tourism products today, what/how can they create a memorable experience? Tourism products that I have encountered and can identify consist of hotels and accommodations, attractions, people, food, culture, roadways even, and shopping. These products can produce memorable experiences in endless way! The attractions will most likely be the most memorable this is where traveled encounter new experiences that they could have never imagined and at some attractions they can even make mile stones and achievements. Food can create a memorable experience when you push your self out side your comfort zone and try new and interesting things that you will never forget! The hotel, accommodations, and people will instill the feeling of hospitality that a country and culture has to offer and the warmth of that culture will stick with you for years to come and possibly even be the driving force of you returning once more. The people of a destination draw me in the most!
1. CC The Great Wall was an amazing opportunity that pushed me to my limits in ways I never knew. I never realized that strangers could instill such a strong drive or motivation in me in ways I normally couldn't do myself. I saw these old women passing me up while I hugged and puffed and I instantly pushed my self harder! But I made it to the sealed door that Nikki said was the top. I accomplished way more than I could have ever imagined and I actually conquered the Great Wall! At one point I remember going up some incredibly steep steps and I had to take a break so I sat agains the railing and caught my breath this elderly Chinese and woman was about to pass me when I patted her on the back and gave her a thumbs up πŸ‘πŸΌshe smiled laughed and sat down next to me. She told me some things in Chinese and I responded by simply just nodded my head and smiling back at her. After a short rest I proceeded and surpassed all my expectations I'm so proud of my self and my achievements!

6 June 2017

2.CC: When we visited BISU I learned and experienced so many things that left and impression but I'll focus on our lecture about Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). The art of TCM went beyond all my expectations, I had no idea how prevalent and accepted the idea of herbal medicine still was. Because of the word "Traditional" I assumed it was left in the past and probably on accepted by the very old portion of the society. I was so pleased and impressed to see how effective it can really be and how excepted it still is. After realizing that a disease such as Malaria can be cured with a 100% success rate via TCM I am only disappointed that they are not further researching the other tens of thousands of possibly life saving combinations of herbs in the compendium of materia medica. I learned this because I allowed my self to broaden my horizons and accept the fact that even deadly Ailments can be cured via TCM instead of rejecting the idea such as most westerners would.
#1 DM I believe that destination management/marketing can be improved from and educational perspective by sharing and fixing of ideas. Every country and region studies and teaches destination marketing/management in different ways and I believe that if universities focused on exploring all the different methods each other region performs to help their students learn to the best of their ideas and they select and modify other methods and blend them with their own to create a superior curriculum it could significantly improve a destinations marketing and management by improving the individuals who will be managing and marketing that destination! When you're focusing on only your own curriculum without taking ideas from other universities or professors who may have the key you're missing you're only limiting your opportunities for greatness. I believe this because what I learned from the university exchange they expressed that they didn't really focus on marketing and that's a shame!

5 June 2017

DM Yesterday was our first day encountering Beijing and we absorbed as much as we could in one day. Although it was the first day we encountered and learned so much about the stakeholders in a destination through our experiences yesterday. The stakeholders we came in contact with are both our tour guides, Nikki and Victor, as well as the pedi cab drivers who offer tourists special services and Mr. Zhang who represent the locals in the destination. Aside from the people who live in china as stakeholders we, as tourists are also stakeholders and so are the destinations and attractions we visited such as the 798 art district and Nan Lou Lane. All of these factors work together because we the tourist are here hiring the tour guides to enrich our experience and Mr. Zhang as the local helps keep a stable bond between what the government wants for tourism and what the community wants and the attractions and destinations are what brought us tourist here to begin with.
CC The dining experience in china is drastically different from what I am use to from Chinese cuisine in the United States. Some of the main differences can be seen in the ways that the food is shared as well as the way it is served and prepared. In the United States people primarily eat Chinese in either buffet or take out style, the chicken is barely chicken and mostly dough covered in thick sauces and everything tastes and in general is much heavier. Here in china door is enjoyed around a round table with a lazy Susan in the middle and food consumption is very communal in such a way that everyone just picks off the plates in the middle. The food is light and flavorful and although it may sound like a contradiction there are lots of carbs! There are also many things that you will find here that you would never find in a typical china wok or happi china such as steamed buns and dim sum or radish cakes and egg tarts. I have thoroughly enjoyed my first day full of many delicious foods!

4 June 2017

#2 culture and cuisine Since my arrival I have noticed a few cultural differences. The Chinese are very service oriented here in the hotel and although they don't understand me half the time I see their effort in trying and when they can figure it out I see that they wish they could. That is not necessarily a difference just an observation. The drivers here are very different compared to the US, lots of sporadic lane changes without blinkers sometimes without lanes. I have also noticed that the bikers on the road trust the cars not to hit them because they don't care if it's coming for them they will ride in front of them any way πŸ˜‚ one of the major differences it how clean they keep their city! Although there are millions of people living here the streets are so clean and nothing like a city in the United States like New York or New Orleans
#1 destination marketing Today I arrived in China! Sadly my window seat was blocked by the wing but I strained my neck to see the mountains and the little peak I got was so beautiful! Once we got closer to ground and I saw the city I noticed immediately that it was indeed smoggy! One of the young girls I sat next to told me it was a bad day (smog wise). I definitely got a taste of the city when we went through the toll and all the cars mushed together, no lines, no order but I got a kick out of it. Driving on the highways reminded me of other countries I've been to in Europe, I was surprised by the similarities. As I look out my window now I'm amazed how packed the city is! Densely packed buildings as far as the smog allows you to see πŸ˜‚ over all I love it! And I am so very excited to be in CHINA!! πŸ‡¨πŸ‡³