Brazil · 9 Days · 12 Moments · October 2017

Deeon's journi to Brazil

5 November 2017

Ilha Grande which is a favorite of Brazilians for vacations and weekends. You will notice more pictures of booze

4 November 2017

Sunrise from our stateroom

3 November 2017

From the MS Sirena

1 November 2017

Buzios is our first stop. This was a favorite of Brigette Bardot. Beautiful beaches .

31 October 2017

Oh I forgot to post our pic from the Halloween party. HL the clown and me the fox although I may look like a rat. 👻
This post is from last Tuesday. Our visit to Corcovado and Christ the Redeemer and also to Pao Azucar (sugar loaf) The views are spectacular! Actually HL has the picture of sugar loaf on his camera. But omg, you have to take two gondolas to get to the top. The wind was blowing like mad. Really scary 😱. I mean I have been on gondolas in Colorado, but this was sooooo windy. And why am I posting from last Tuesday? Because we can only use on device at a time. So between my phone, HL 's phone, the iPad and kindle we are dueling for time. 😠

29 October 2017

28 October 2017

So we have had a wonderful day. Walked around a bit in Ipanema. Had a cerveja of course. Dinner at Guieseppe Grill in Leblon. Let's talk meat! Then to Beco das Garafas Bottle's bar for bosa nova and samba in Corcovado. Singers always do off the beaten path. Right Jes and Tin? I
Oh boy are we having fun. I❤️Brasil
Oh. And one other thing. The music! Take me back to the 60's and Antonio Carlos Joabim. Brazil 66. Astrid Gilberto. Mais que nada. ❤️
Arrived in Rio at 9am. Twenty min taxi ride to Ipanema. Hotel is fab. Views to knock you out. Everyone is very friendly and helpful. Thanks ITranslate. Am still learning the Journi app. Should have talked to Erika for help. Later

27 October 2017

At Miami Airport