New Zealand · 1 Days · 3 Moments · August 2017

Declan's voyage in Argentina

19 August 2017

Preparations and count down The realisation that Gill and I will be 'on the road' for five weeks is really hitting home as we prepare to do the packing. When I was a student in Dublin, I went on a trip to Rome by train. I was fascinated to meet a small group of American university students who were on 'vacation' as they termed it. We just had holidays in Ireland. The Americans seemed so exotic and I was entranced by their descriptions of unheard of luxuries like air conditioning. Not that we would ever have needed that in Ireland, but the theory was exciting. The very idea that it might be hot enough to need a machine to cool the room was a novel idea if you lived in Dublin where the temperature never rose above mildly warm. One memory of the group particularly stands out. After an hour or so one of the girls took her huge suitcase down from the rack and opened it to reveal a row of six toilet rolls. She took one of them and disappeared off to the end of the carriage. This was unexp
I'm hoping it works as advertised
I'm not sure the apostrophe is warranted but there is an argument for it I suppose