United States of America · 13 Days · 14 Moments · November 2017

Deb's voyage in United States of America

21 November 2017

Up at 6:15, had breakfast with Tom & Barbara. Went to the store next door and got a few gifts. Next we went to the beach and sat on the sand, I went in for a swim. Had lunch at the Castway Restaurant, packed, had a nap and were out of the room by 4:00. Had a drink with Nancy, then group picture, and group supper. Sat around wondering what to do.

20 November 2017

We were up at 5:50, and took a taxi for $20 to Lahaina harbour we were there at by 6:35. We had a continental breakfast on the way to Lanai (1.5 hrs). Then we had a wonderful snorkel far an hour and a half. Mom stayed on the boat. We then had lunch. In the way back we spotted a bunch of dolphins that swam with the boat for a long time. Later a couple of bigger dolphins were with us but I was unable to get a picture. When were back to the harbour we stopped for ice cream, then went up some stairs to another set of stores to use a public washroom. We walked about 6 blocks to take the shuttle back to the hotel. We had a rest then met the group at 5:30 for the Luau. We had a wonderful meal and show, we left before it was over because it started to rain. By the time we got to the lobby we were quite wet.
Yesterday we had buffet then went to the ocean, but didn’t actually get in. We sat around the pool & visited with Tom, Barb, & Sandra. We went in the pool and I also went in the hot tub. Then we took the trolley to Whaler’s Village where Mom bought a shawl and we had lunch. Back to the room for a rest, then took the shuttle to the Outlet Mall in Lahaina, we bought a few things in the ABC store. Back to the hotel, dressed for supper, we shared a wonderful meal and Island Cheesecake for dessert. We played a few games of crib then retired for the evening.

18 November 2017

We were up at 6:00 and got organized for the day. We had breakfast at the buffet, then were on the bus by nine. Stopped at the Kula Maketplace for snacks & washrooms. Then we started making our way up to the Haleakala Volcano. Part way up we stopped at the information centre. At 9000 feet we got out to observe the crater. It was a lovely day and we got a good view. The ride up and down is extremely winding and long. When got down we had a tour of Lahaina and our resort area.

17 November 2017

Up at 6:30, packed & showered then went for breakfast. We then had a game of crib. On the bus @ 11:30, to the airport where Mom got the royal treatment.

16 November 2017

We had breakfast where we watched about a dozen dolphins playing for hours, the only problem was there got to be too many boats and snorkelers to see the dolphins. Then went to the lagoon where I had a nice snorkel. At 11:15, Mom, David, Peter and I took the trolley and had a nice tour of the Kailua-Kona area. We were back to the hotel at 1:45, then had soup at the bar. We intended to have a Pina colada for happy hour, the place was so busy & noisy that we decided to go else where. After walking around for quite a while we ended up at Bubba Gumps again where we shared fried chicken, mashed potatoes and corn on the cob. Stopped at the ABC store on the way back, the went back to the room and played crib while enjoying rum & orange juice.

15 November 2017

Breakfast at the buffet, went to the lagoon and snorkelled a couple of times while Mom sat on the lawn chair, went to the pool where Mom got wet. We had soup at the bar for lunch. The whole group went to Hugo’s on the Rocks for happy hour, Mom had a Mia Tia and I had a Rainbow. Some of the group stayed, Carol, Sue, Mom & I went to Bubba Gumps. Mom & I shared a salad and vegetable & shrimp screwers on rice. The 4 of us shared key lime pie.

14 November 2017

We were up and had a buffet breakfast & on the bus at 8:30 for the Island Circle tour. We stopped at Walmart for water and bananas, then headed south along the west coast. Our first stop was at the Kona Coffee Museum. The next stop was the Punaluu Bake shop ( the Southern most bakery in the USA). We were to pick up lunch and bring it to the bus but we had an ice cream cone and brought some cut up fruit for the bus. Then we moved on to Punaluu Black Sand Beach, we saw some turtles swimming but were unable to get a picture. The next stop was Hawaii Volcanic National Park where we saw big craters with steam coming out. Afterwards we went to Thurston Lava tube where we walked through a active volcano tube. Our next stop was Akatsuka Orchid Gardens featuring many types of orchids including varieties of the Volcano Queens. Next stop was the Rainbow Falls at Hillo. Had a quick stop at Wiamena, arriving at the hotel at 7:00. Shared a sandwich at the Don’s Mai Tai Bar before retiring.

13 November 2017

We were up, packed, had breakfast and left the hotel by 0930. We took Hawaiian Air to Kona and arrived to the Royal Kona Resort at 1:30. We had Clam & Calamari Soup then had a rest. Happy Hour at 4:00 (we all had wonderful Pina Coladas). Back to bar for supper, we shared a meal, then we watched some TV.

12 November 2017

We had the special for breakfast (French toast, scrambled eggs, & sausage). Played a couple of games of crib on the balcony, then met the rest of the group at 1100 and walked to the Outrigger to Duke’s for a buffet then boarded the bus for a city tour and Pearl Harbour. We were pleased to have Nick as our driver again. We were back to the hotel by 4:30, had a nap, cleaned up and met the group (David, Peter, Sandra, Doreen, Carl, Madonna, Harold, Linda, Peirette, Ed, & Nancy)to go to ‘Rock A Hula’ the dinner & show were very enjoyable. Doreen got up and did the hula. The show had Elvis, Michael Jackson & Katie Parry. Back to the room about 9:30.

11 November 2017

We had breakfast then went to the beach. I went in the water a couple of times. Mom found a bench to sit on (the wanted $30 to sit on a lounge chair with an umbrella). She had a visit with a local man. We went to the flea market where I puchased a cover up. We had lunch at McDonalds, we had our umbrellas in. The wind was blowing the rain sideways, but we only had 1/2 a block to go but we were wet by the time we got back. They were changing the air conditioner when we got to our room, changed quickly then waited in the lobby. We had a nap, played crib then went for supper. We looked for the Cheesecake Factory by didn’t find it. It started to rain but we had our raincoats on so we were ok, decided to eat at the hotel. We shared the special so we ate for $15, it was very good. We were thankful we couldn’t find the Cheesecake Factory because it poured for 3 hours. (There were flood warnings!)

10 November 2017

We had the circle island tour I lido got Diamond Head, Pali Lookout, Waimea Bay & Pineapple fields. We had a big lunch at a ranch.

9 November 2017

We were up around 630 had a shower and went for breakfast. Orientation was in the penthouse suite then we had a walking tour of the area, followed by a thick milkshake. Following a nap we had tequila sunrise, then on to the show “Magic of Polynesian” and a wonderful meal. The magic was astounding, created by a local boy and master illusionist John Hirokawa. We were in bed short after 900.

8 November 2017

Mom & I left home at 0715, we were already checked into the flights so it took pressure off. There was thick fog but it was patchy the temperature was -23. We flew to Vancouver and met the rest of the tour group before going to Hawaii. We arrived in Honolulu after a 6 hr flight. There was a couple with 2 small boys & a baby girl. They managed very well. We have 19 people on tour with David Harris as our guide. To the Courtyard Marriotand to bed by 1230.