South Korea · 2 Days · 12 Moments · March 2017

Chasing tasty Food and Boys24

24 March 2017

I found my own store in Doota 😆 (jk) Did a lot of shopping in next door's giant clothing department stores with stalls
Dongdaemun day! We visited the food street first, and it was awesome!! Had the most awesome seafood pancake from this auntie's stall! And it was a huge portion for only 5000₩--the previous day's seafood pancake just doesn't compare! Then there was this sweetest uncle with taiyaki, who we later revisited (after we ate some octopus fish cake--also yum) and he was treating us to some extra taiyaki and coffee 😆

23 March 2017

We decided to drop by the other Table A store on the same street. This one has an extra critter: a possum? Not too sure about it Anyways, this cafe is better in the sense that it's bigger, doesn't smell, has that extra non-cat animal, AND you can FEED THEM!! When you buy the treats, all the cats know the milkshake you've just brought to the yard. It is literally the cutest and sweetest 😁 My favourite cat is the orange one with the short stubby legs hehe S/He hung out at our table top even after the treats are gone! Personally I liked the cats in the first cafe I went to though 😬 Also, we tried to order some lattes but they were "sold out", which I highly doubt, since we did order them in the first one. Oh wells.
We accidentally stumbled into Yoogane after unsuccessful attempts to eat the Korean BBQ we wanted and Andong chicken. The chicken galbi was delicious! Too bad I can't upload any videos 😋
While we're finally leaving Myeongdong for the day, the food carts were all set up. Got tempted to eat some seafood pancake because I loooove seafood pancake 5000₩ for half kimchi half regular It was quite thin, but not bad
Cafe de Paris is literally the most expensive (not quite deservingly so) dessert I'll ever eat in Korea again!! While it was good, I don't think it was worth the 18000₩ and 17000₩ I spent. Hooooly moly it's expensive I suppose if you want cute/beautiful pics it's worth it.... somewhat..... Super busy too.
Did some window shopping and actual shopping, and took some pics of potential things to buy Not pictured is the stuff we actually bought hahaha Darn those pushy sales people! Honestly though, they're so fluent in at least one other language other than Korean. I swear one of the girls can speak Korean, Chinese, and Japanese suuuuper fluently (like whaaaaat!)
So we were looking for this specific restaurant but stopped by Starbucks to grab some limited edition cherry blossom gift cards. Turns out this restaurant that we're looking for has a different location, and this was right above Starbucks 😆 Their specialty is the ginseng chicken, which I kind of regret not ordering. The online recommendation was for the congee which is what we got. I'm not a huge congee person, but it was not bad 🙂 A congee fan will love it!

22 March 2017

Sheep cafe was going to close shortly after our dinner, so we dropped by this cat cafe since they open till 11pm ^^ The cats are suuuuper adorable!! The place is on the small side, so it smells a bit, but the set up is very cute. Also, just to point out my Sweet Potato Latte (which was pretty good) was very light when I got it, which means it's mostly foam and no substance. I was busy taking pictures of cats, and when I finally got around to trying my drink, it literally was 2/3 full 😑 A bit disappointed. The owner lady is very pleasant though :)
Found a local spot for food nearby! Lots of people were still coming in after we left, which is always a good sign. Friend had kimchi udon (no pic) and I ordered Chicken Mayo Bowl
After searching endlessly (with no hope) to find an Andong jjimdak restaurant, finally gave up to come to this sheep cafe. We were super hungry so decided to come back later 😬
They're ready to promote their 2018 mascots at the airport!