Canada · 14 Days · 16 Moments · August 2017

Deb's adventure in the Maratines

19 August 2017

Saturday last day. Sad..... We got up went for breakfast then packed up before we checked out. We went to the Maratines Museum it was huge but very well down. Saw the Titanic display and Halifax explosion. From there we went to The Seafood Warehouse for chowder scallops and a few more oysters. Then was time to pack up and go home. We got to the Airport and said goodbye to Jeep. Carol and I had a fabulous time we got along so good. The perfect travel mate for me. From Halifax to Toronto then Regina and home. The holiday was over. But what memories. Till we meet again Maratines.

18 August 2017

Friday after another sleep in we got in the jeep and found 3 different beaches. First we went to Rainbow beach very nice and Sandy. Lots of people kicking around. Second Lawrence beach very rocky hard to walk on. It is a surfer beach tons of people on boards. Third beach don't know the name but had rocks it you walked over it had very nice sand. Got back to Halifax and went for supper we were going to go to Press Gang but very busy and we didn't make reservations so went to sister restaurant Lot 6. It was good we tied into some raw oysters I can't believe I enjoyed them. From there we went to Durty Nelly's Irish Pub and went to hear live music. Got back late went to bed.

17 August 2017

Thursday. Had another sleep in . Late breakfast then we walked down to the harbour we were at the far end of the harbour where cruise ships park. Then was a Holland cruise ship parked in port. We went to Pier 21 the immigration museum where people all over the world when they came to Canada they had to go through Halifax. There were other ports too. Montreal, Vancouver and Quebec city. Halifax was most popular because the harbour didn't freeze. People went through all year round. I found some of Gido and Baba Pryslak's forms. It seems our last name was really Prysliak. Gido changed it sometime after moving to Canada. Dad always figured it was changed. We toured museum for awhile and went for a walk on boardwalk to Gahan's for beer. Did a little shopping the walked to Johnny K's for gyros damn they were good. Halifax streets are walking down or walking up and busy. Some streets are very steep. Living here will put you into shape. Lol.

16 August 2017

Wednesday we had a real good sleep in. Had late breakfast then walked up to Citadel Hill it is now a National Park. We did a tour then explored the fort. It was built in 1828 to 1856 but never saw battle. The army gave it to Parks Canada to be a historic site. There were soldiers marching people playing bagpipes gun demonstration. We were there for the noon cannon shot it was very cool. They had a World War 1 recreation of battle trenches and how soldiers fought in them. It was a special memorial. We walked down to the waterfront and walked the boardwalk for miles. In the evening we went on the Harbour Hopper tour it is quite the vechile it drives on land then drives into water a turns into a boat. So we went the harbour area and some streets learning about some of the history of the city. Then we drove into the water and cruised around the harbour area. When the tour was over we looked for a place to eat we finally decided on Durty Nelly's very good tasting Shepherd Pie .

15 August 2017

Tuesday we woke up and went for breakfast at a restaurant looking over the warf. From there we were walking the boardwalk and came across a sail boat tour. We figured what the heck and went. It was very relaxing hearing the wind in the sails. That was close to 2 hours. We then went to fisheries museum and walked around for awhile then going for lunch. We checked out some shops and figured it was time to get going. Off we went to Peggy's Cove it was 1.5 hours away. Nice drive we weren't going to go but then changed our minds. Glad we went it was beautiful especially the rocks. What make the lighthouse so special is it was once a post office, it had a green light where most lighthouses had red ( It is red now) and no other place has rocks like this cove. We then stopped at the Swiss Air memorial site and headed off to Halifax. Go to Halifax late very tired and a bit cranky. Ordered pizza went to bed.

14 August 2017

Monday we left Digby. Now we were supposed to go straight to Lunenburg but we decided to go to Shelburne to see the tall ships we were not disappointed. It was amazing to see. We got to board the Europa from the Netherlands and walk on the deck. There were ships from Canada and the United States of America. We hung around for awhile then took off for Carter's beach . The sand was white powder and the water was blue green like Cuba till you put your feet in it COLD.... Lol. We were there for a hour or better and headed off to Lunenburg. We are staying at the Smugglers Cove right down town. Nice rooms. We walked to the restaurant Grand Banker and met this very nice couple from Ottawa who asked us to join them for supper after some good food and great company (lots of laughter) we headed back to the hotel to watch news and head to bed.

13 August 2017

Sunday. Woke up to rain and fog. We were going to drive to Brier Island but if it stayed foggy the drive would be in vain. We went to information building and the lady suggested we go to Annapolis - Royal for the day. Off we went. Little did we know we would be visting the very first National Park in Ca nada. This place was called Fort Anne. This fort was first build in the late 1600's by the French. The English wanted it and both countries fought over it for numbers of decades. From the we walked the boardwalk and couldn't believe all the Inukshuk on the stones. Hundreds of them. Inukshuk means we were here so we made one to letting other visitors know we were there also. From there we went to Fort Royal the oldest known first settlement by the French. We explored the fort then head back to Digby for supper. We watched the Rider game and at 10 Digby put on a good fireworks show. Riders won. Bed time.

12 August 2017

Saturday. We left Alma in the morning after having sticky buns. I offered to drive and lucky me I drove through a mountain range in the rain. But we made it. We arrived in St. John went to a mall quick then made our way to the ferry. I was amazed how big the ferry actually was and how expensive for us and the Jeep it was $198.00. But it was exciting and very big on the inside. There was a cafeteria, a lounge, there is even 2 movie areas. We had lunch then went on the outer deck for awhile till it got very foggy and we couldn't see anything. Before you knew it we were in Digby. We found our B&B checked in our luggage and went across the street to walk the fea markets outside. It is Digby days this weekend. We went for supper and listened to a very good band at the outside stage. The harbour was a beautiful backdrop. Unfortunately hardly anybody was there. We stayed till 11 and went back to our room.

11 August 2017

Friday August 11. We both had a sleep in which was well needed. We went next door to Kelly's bakery for there famous sticky buns. They do live up to there reputation. We went for a walk around town and found a laundromat it was decided that washing clothes would be a morning chore. From there we picked up some subs from the bakery and drove off to the park for a picnic. After lunch we went to the salt water pool to swim and snooze. Very nice afternoon. When we got back to town we dressed for supper and went To Alma's lobster house for supper. It was like a picnic also. We sat at a picnic table brought our own booze and our view was low tide Bay of Fundy. We walked around in the bay for a bit then went to the Holy Whale to have a night cap and listen to live band. After that bed time.

10 August 2017

Thursday we packed up early and left Shediac. We stopped at the Co-op grocery store and picked up some sandwiches,chips, watermelon for a picnic which we had later at Hopewell Rocks. We went through Moncton and stopped at Magnetic Hill and went to the zoo. After that we motored to Hopewell Rocks and walked the trails to the famous flower pot rock formations. We were there at high tide. We stuck around for 3 hours and waited for the low tide. Once it went out to sea we had a chance to walk on Ocean floor for a hour or so. After we got into Jeep and headed to Alma 30 minutes away. It is our 2 night stay. We are at the Alpine Motel. It is nothing fancy but the bed is very comfortable and room is clean. We also have a great view of the small harbour. For late supper we had Seafood chowder and mussels for supper.

9 August 2017

Wednesday morning we got up real early and packed up to leave P.E.I. I have to admit I didn't want to leave this little island grew on me. We went downtown one last time and walk around the downtown. We went to the church and went to the park bench with John A McDonald sitting on it. We left the city and drove to Victoria P.E.I and walked the very red beach there. We found lots of sea glass and different shells. We went into town and walked around and had a snack. From there we drove over Confederation Bridge it was exciting... We parked the Jeep after we crossed into New Brunswick and took pictures of the bridge. We got to Shediac in the afternoon and found our Inn. Very cute loved the room. The wharf stunk like sewer and we turned around couldn't handle the smell. Cars everywhere hard to drive. Went to the big lobster statue it's the biggest lobster in the world. We have live lobsters for supper at the restaurant where we are staying very very good. Not crazy about this town.

8 August 2017

Woke up to rain and it wasn't letting up. So we went for a drive to see light houses. We actually went to the top of one. It was turned into a museum and very well done. We saw another lighthouse at Bear Point then drove to Souris for lunch. We went to Basin Head and walked on the singing sand but sand wasn't playing a tune with the rain. Got soaked the drove back to Charlotte town and went for supper to Brackish and went back to Ole Dublin Pub to listen to the band again. They gave us a ride to hotel at the end of the night.

7 August 2017

On Monday we got ready and went for a drive to the National Park. Our first stop Was Dalvay By The Sea. It wad a old mansion built in the 1800's by people from the States as a summer house. From there we went to a beach in the park it was amazing what a beautiful walk. We found sea glass. From there we went to Brackley beach for another walk. We then drove to Cavendish and had lunch. After lunch we went to Thunder Road but the tides came back in and we couldn't see it We drove back to Charlotte Town and went to Ole Dublin Pub for supper and drinks. We listened to a good band

6 August 2017

Sunday we got up and got ourselves sorted out. We went downtown and checked out some places and had Ice cream at Cow's. Late afternoon we got a call from The Inn at Bay Fortune they had a cancellation and we were in. We drove a hour to fortune bay what a evening. We walked the grounds and they had different food stations and then at 7 all the guests got together the chef made a toast and the feast began. Very good food but way too much.
First day landed in Charlottetown P.E.I. August 5. We are staying at the Canada Best Value Inn and Suites. Good location very tired first night up for 32 hours. We had fish chowder for supper it was awesome. Watched terrible Rider game went to bed.