North America, Europe · 8 Days · 22 Moments · June 2017

Debbie and Hannah's adventures in the U.K.

14 June 2017

Full day of travel. 3 flights. Glasgow to Amsterdam. Amsterdam to Seattle. Seattle to anchorage. Drive from Anchorage to soldotna.

13 June 2017

Edinburgh city. I got to hold an owl!
Edinburgh castle

12 June 2017

Scotland at last
York city scenes
York Minster and city scenes
York Minster
York Minster

11 June 2017

Warwick Castle
Warwick Castle
Warwick Castle

10 June 2017

Anne Hathaway's childhood home. Stratford on Avon.
Oxford University

9 June 2017

Shopping in the West End of London, riding the London Eye Ferris wheel.
Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben

8 June 2017

Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle. Westminster Abby and Big Ben.

7 June 2017

Riding the Tube, first meal in London and tired travelers
Our first day in London. Oh my aching feet! So much to see.
We made it to London! Wahoo!!

6 June 2017

Ready for our big adventure to begin!
Ted Stevens international airport anchorage Ak