North America, Europe · 39 Days · 49 Moments · August 2017

Camino Portugal In movement there is peace

18 September 2017

Ponteverde to callas de Reis and with rain in the forecast we start early. But as it turned out it drizzled a couple of times and rained maybe twice For ten minutes which made for a delightful day. Can you believe we only have two days left we can't. We have met so many wonderful people and so many Camino angels have come into our lives. We ended our day soaking our feet in a thermal mineral bath. So soothing.....

17 September 2017

Arcade to Ponterverde a quiet walk with Any ups and downs ending with a stroll along a river.

16 September 2017

Today was the perfect weather. We walked from o porrino through Rendondela and into Arcade a sleepy village on an inlet from the ocean. It was a steep climb into Rendondele of about 235 meters. Now we thought ok one and done and at the last moment coming into the hotel of course one more climb. Picture is included of the downhill and of course look at the pups we found. Ready to bring every stinking one of them home. end of today 14.4 miles there was a time I would have said no way. Today I said that felt really good. thank you body for allowing this.

15 September 2017

Tui to O Porrino was amazingly a flat walk well there were a few inclines. It was a shorter day, only about ten miles so we even slept in a little late, than, of course sunrise is at 8:14 in Spain right now.

14 September 2017

Spent the day doing laundry in an actual washing machine instead of the hotel sink. Pure joy. Than wandered the city and after some eats will run in early for the next stretch of six days walking to our destination

13 September 2017

Tui yes we have arrived in Spain the bridge you see is the one that separates Portugal from Spain So sad to leave Portugal but now in six days we will be in Santiago. It has been a long trip filled with challenges but my heart is light and I have enjoyed it all well maybe minus this blisters that keep coming

12 September 2017

Pointe de Lima

11 September 2017

Remember when I said never say never well I reached a personal goal today and walked 20 miles. It was a rainy morning and we walked through vineyards and on little roads that could only hold one car and corn fields it was amazing. Did I mention that I feel GREAT...

10 September 2017

Barcelos great walk again today with an adorable city. Loved it although it was Sunday so not much open.

9 September 2017

A GLORIOUS day I will let the pictures speak for me...

8 September 2017

Walk into Fazores not as long as anticipated because we got on an express Metro out of the city. But look at the beautiful gardens that met our arrival

7 September 2017

Last day in Porto

6 September 2017

A night to remember...walking food tour in Porto
Another day in Porto we will do the walking food tour this evening but until than spent the day ....did I mention that Porto is one hill after another and the only thing in between the hills are steps steps and more steps....

5 September 2017

Well while in Porto it would be rude not to take a port tour ...right?
Walking tour in Porto put in another eight miles walking the city

4 September 2017

Walking into Porto with beautiful cool weather

2 September 2017

Aviero ... we took a little side trip to this town called the Venice of Portugal. So you can see what a forty minute train ride brings

1 September 2017

Agueda is a charming little town that has the most photographed street in Portugal with all the umbrellas

30 August 2017

I travel not to escape life but travel so that life does not escape me

29 August 2017

Coimbra We walked many hills to get here in our thirteen mile trek this morning. It was delightful walking on farming trails and the fresh smell after the rain. Walking in the rain is so much better than the sun. Prior to arriving in town we visited the convent of st Clare founded by saint queen Isabel. We are now ready to explore the town.
Condexia-a-Nova We ate at Come the number one restaurant in this town and than walked to the Roman ruins only to return moments before a down pour. Our hotel as you can see is beautiful, can you believe it was once an orphanage.

27 August 2017

Anne's choice for dinner was amazing
Dinner at Nascente do Nabao
Sunday we arrived Ansiao a town of about 13,000. But since it is Sunday we hardly see anybody as we Walked through the town, ate a lunch of pork, over chopped French fries and a salad followed by a wonderful pastry and coffee in a street side cafe. Good news though for our three mile trek I put on shoes for the first time in seven days. It fell so great to walk painless.
Arrived in Alvaiazere a sleepy little town of 8000. Enjoyed a walk around observing not many out and about on Saturday. so we joined the culture and indulged in a long afternoon nap. Followed by dinner at the inn we are staying in. Yum

26 August 2017

Golega the horse capital of Portugal famous for its national and international horse fair held in November on St Martins day. We stayed on a horse ranch that was across the street from where this event is held. The Lusitania horses are boarded here which is the Breed Portugal is famous for. We were able to watch them exercising the horses spectacular and graceful animals.

25 August 2017

24 August 2017

Tomar is a charming medieval town that houses the Templar castle and the Convent of Christ among other historical sites such as the St. John the Baptist church. We spent the second day on a one hour bus rides through villages to Fatima. A large site devoted to the remembrance of the Fatima miracle.

22 August 2017

Took the bus to Santarem and hobbled around town. Met pilgrims at dinner and heard about their grueling day 12 hours in grueling heat. Maybe I'm thankful for blisters walked to the roman ruins of Julius Caesar

21 August 2017

no walking for a couple of days. Very bummed

20 August 2017

One more 14 mile day. Mornings are great afternoons are a killer reached 100 degrees as we made it to the hotel at 1:30. Tomorrow will be a challenge at 20 Miles and I have blisters so I'm walking in sandals. Most of the walking has been along a highway and will be for one more day and than we will be off road more. Looking forward to this.

19 August 2017

Well day one complete we left at 6:30 am and about 9:30 we spotted a hotel for coffee. It was a Buffett so we opted for only coffee. We both had refills. It was a beautiful view on the river according to the menu coffee is 6.59 euros which is pricey but we were desperate. When the bill arrived he charged us 28 euros seems if you refill they charged us double. We were in such shock as we paid and so he brought us free champagne. We laughed about our 14 euro coffee all day we won't make that mistake again

18 August 2017

Yikes woke up with a cold this wasn't in the plan. Rode the cable car around Lisbon which was built on seven hills just like San Francisco. Notice their Golden Gate Bridge yes your right they copied ours

17 August 2017

Day three well we are off on our own. Purchased a two day euro pass let's see where we go

16 August 2017

Coimbra to Mealhada was a nice walk and not to hot until the late afternoon. Yes we did enjoy their famous dish leitoes which is spit roasted month old piglet dish. I know I know but when in Rome it was delicious by the way. Bummer blisters are back on top of the original blisters oh veh
Oh and there is more after traveling for 24 hours with four hours sleep we went on an eight hour tour
Day two whirl wind tour with our guide Jorge

15 August 2017

Ready, Set,GO
Never, Never, Never Never did it occur to me that I would have the technology to communicate this trip in this manner. Never did I anticipate going to Portugal. Never did I think I would want to walk four hundred miles. Motto never say never or you may walk four hundred miles lol

10 August 2017

well it is five days before we leave. I'm using this app to track my pilgrimage. I have sent you all a prove invite and would appreciate it if you acknowledge the receipt as I'm not technical I want to make sure to include you. Thanks