Vietnam · 7 Days · 6 Moments · September 2017

Debbie's adventure in Vietnam

13 September 2017

Have to buy a banh mi for the road I just have to!!!!!
On our way to Ninh Binh on the sleeper bus!

11 September 2017

Second day in Hoi An I think jiten and I ended up drinking at least two coffees a day cause there are so many cafes here in Hoi An. He's slowly falling in love with the Vietnamese coffee with condensed milk :) overall Hoi An is super hot. I don't know how people are able to bike around town. I'd be sweating balls within the first 10 minute. Uber was really cheap so I got nothing to complain :) we went for a massage today and both got the oil massage for 10 bucks each. Money well spent. There's also really nothing to do in this heat but massage or drink. Tried our first banh mi from the banh mi queen and IT WAS AMAZING!!!

10 September 2017

First night in Hoi An Our first night at Hoi An. We decided to goto the night market to check out the shops and food. I really wanted to buy one of these lanterns for my moms birthday but it's too difficult to carry it. Perhaps I'll get something nice and small in the duty free in Hanoi airport. Jiten bought some magnets for his family. They are these little Vietnamese hats so cute!! Maybe I should get some for my parents in Hanoi too. Overall our first night was amazing and very relaxed after taking a 12 hour sleeper bus from nha trang. I thought the ride was pretty comfortable but arriving at 5am in the morning was pretty annoying. We sat at the lobby of our hotel for almost an hour and no one knew we were there. We were both getting really grumpy especially after not showering for almost 15 hours lol. I also went to LANA and got a jacket and a dress tailored. Turned out pretty well I guess. Ended up getting another black dress which turned out to be 180 usd total. Not bad I'd say.

8 September 2017

Fun adventure to Fairyland, Fishermen Market, White Sand Dunes and Red Sand Dunes We took a private jeep for 27 bucks to this afternoon sunset tour. Overall the trip was amazing. I've never been to a sand dunes before but seeing something like a desert and several small ponds beside it was spectacular. I personally think the white sand dunes is nicer than the red. We took ATVs up to the top and the ride was so fun! We saw the sunset at the red sand dunes. Didn't do the slide. Not sure if I wanna get myself super sandy but seeing other people do it was fun enough. The cloud blocked the sunset so it was a complete fail but overall we had a great time.

6 September 2017

Our stay at Mui Ne We balled out and checked ourself into this four star resort in Mui Ne. Best decision ever. Was super relaxed. Really needed this after our hectic 4 nights in Saigon and staying at a party hostel. We went to this outdoor foodcourt every night when we were here. Food was way cheaper than the hotel's. I had scallops and shrimp my first night for only 5cad!! Steal!!!