New Zealand, Peru, Ecuador · 21 Days · 42 Moments · May 2017

May 2017 Machu Picchu and Galapagos Islands

23 May 2017

Naughty treats in Lima
Surfing beach at the bottom of cliffs

22 May 2017

Guayaquil on way to Quito looks flooded
Went back to the fish market on our last morning in Santa Cruz. It didn't disappoint

21 May 2017

Nice balcony but I got nibbled by very itchy bugs last night while sleeping. At least the diarrhoea has settled
Said goodbye to our intrepid friends then walked around town. It was quiet (Sunday). We got water taxi to Finch bay
Hot walk to brackish water - fresh spring mixed with seawater in volcanic tunnel. Refreshing
Chuffed to see closer view of blue footed boobies on way to Finch bay

20 May 2017

Jose guide knowledgeable but talked a lot. Overexplained at times. A bit exhausting. Peter and Nancy - religious Australian couple slightly older than us. Peter was very nice and thoughtful. Nancy quite negative and both very serious and sensible. Nancy had black eye. Daniel from Toronto liked his beer. We spent the last evening in a bar with him after dinner - chatted about family etc. He was a banker originally from Macedonia. Syrus was Swiss/ Iranian - spoke fluent Spanish and English- helpful 20 something. Mother/ daughter Chris and Clare UK and Joanne and Alyssa from Boston. Mary from Canada reminded me of Susie B. Odd one out but group worked well

18 May 2017

At Bobby trap bar waiting for sunset
Sierra Negra volcano last erupted in 1953
Interesting lava formations

17 May 2017

Visited giant tortoise breading center then snorkled

16 May 2017


15 May 2017

Nice view from our window la Zayapa

13 May 2017

Quito airport waiting for Galapagos flight. So many birthday wishes very spoilt

12 May 2017

Hot on last day in Cusco. Revisited San Pedro market. Relaxing people watching. Rush to airport but plenty of time.

11 May 2017

Great view from train
Rick and Josh are hard cases. Really nice dudes from Boston. Entertaining- Rick did so well for his first trek, a big man
Peruvian dog- ugly and expensive
Narrow steep road down from Machu Picchu
Llamas everywhere
Elias is a great historian, if only I could remember at least half of what he told us
Spectacular Condor temple ruins of Machu Picchu.
Machu Picchu citadel. So lucky the fog cleared for stunning views
Happy to arrive at Machu Picchu after challenging and awesome trek
At Sun gate
Our group at the Sun gate. Very happy to be there and fog clearing over Machu Picchu

10 May 2017

The cook and the rest of the porters were amazing - food tent and delish meals was always ready. Our tents erected plus toilet tent. I was particularly impressed by the quàntity of water they carried up the steep steps for us on night 3. Amazing site. We were woken at 3 to leave by 4. Good walking in the dàrk. Full moon. We went ahead for a bit. Lucky as both suffering from Peru version of deli belly. Chance to duck off track before others came through. Even in sync in that department! That's taking togetherness a bit too far lol

9 May 2017

Lucky to have small group. Elias guide was exellent. Rick and Josh cops from Boston. Good guys Rick did amazing considering his first trek and a big man. 50s Josh was young and enthusiastic - entertaining. Hayley and Dan Australian couple. Hayley struggled but got there. Dan tried to keep up. Probation officer.

6 May 2017

Saqsayhuaman is the head of the puma with the zigzag stone walls representing the frown lines. The body is part of Cusco

5 May 2017

Visited Q'uengo Saqsayhuaman Puka Pukara and Tambomachay Slight communicatiin hiccup - we were waiting outside hotel - brief thunderstorm with hail -pickup was late and we were wondering if we'd been scammed but all good. They must have phoned hotel and we weren't there anyway sorted guide turned up- interesting taxi ride to join tour. Traffic is crazy - mostly one way streets and pandemonium. At Q'uengo

4 May 2017

Cusco - Plaza de Armas
Hotel Marqueses is great. Cocoa tea then went for walk. Chocolate museum interesting and good value with heaps of samplings yum! Chocolate chilli liqueur very good
Deluxe hotel room. Resting to acclimatize before venturing out to explore

3 May 2017

We had arranged airport taxi to hotel - too easy but nice to relax. District pretty rough not far from airport but friendly locals. We walked a short way to small local restaurant rice dish followed by 'cheesecake' which was more like pav- nice and sweet. Then a lovely welcome sleep before early start to Cusco. My $2 glasses had broken so replaced them at Santiago airport for US $20 =
A bit tired after long flight then short transit in Santiago and on to Lima

3 May 2017

Auckland airport awaiting flight to Lima - yay! Officially on holiday