North America · 9 Days · 16 Moments · August 2017

Adopting Mariel (Quiebra Hacha). Cuba 2017

7 September 2017

These are all of the photos that I took. I was so in the moment that it slipped my mind. In total on this trip we did the following: * Help a 4th grader and high schooler get ready for back to school with new shoes, backpacks, and school supplies * Help a college student buy her own computer * Help a family enclose a patio...long overdue * Send a high schooler to English class * Gave a man seed money to open a small business * Help 2 families with bathroom repairs What's up next? * Painting a building lobby * Supplying more college kids with computers * Supplying the small business owner with stock. (TP, toothpaste, shampoo, etc and seeds to plant food. )
Btw...guess who finally got WiFi?
One thing that happened today. I had some money to exchange back to American and went in a back room for a little under the table negotiations. Fun times...
My lunch mates today. Titi, my guide, and her sister Vania. She used to dance with my ex, Rey, when they were kids. They entered competitions. Titi was a master negotiator for our transportation! We traveled on everything from Buses full of Cubans, to old beat up cars, to the old American cars (called el majina), to my air conditioned Toyota!

6 September 2017

See the guy in the white shirt, Pepe....we helped him put a fence around the awesome patio you see in the photos.
Shown here are my ex in laws (Julia and Roger) and step son William. After a long talk about goals and aspirations he shared with me how much he wants to learn more English. We enrolled him in a course that starts this Saturday. Without our help, it would still be a dream.

5 September 2017

And Katy is in college without a computer. There are many without, so they share. All the course work is on the computer....guess what we did for Katy? She's seen here with a mini ipad that I brought for her, but she has cash in her pocket to buy a computer. This one was by far my favorite giving experience.
Check out my place at the beach (from afar)and the delicious food we bought in Playa Baracoa....Great place to rest after long, productive days.

4 September 2017

First stop. School supplies for 2 kids. 1 is 17 and the other 9. Talk about happy campers! They both got shoes that they love , a back pack and school supplies.

3 September 2017

One of my favorite couples in Cuba. Katy and Luis Sabourin. 74 but you'd swear he's 54. Always learning new languages and he's just a great conversationalist. We hop back and forth between English and Spanish in our conversations...
Arriving in Cuba...

2 September 2017

My kind of Dinner Place. Not too many greens in Cuba. Better stock up.
Exchanged the US to pretty Canadian to insure the best exchange rate in Cuba. No need to pay an extra 10% to exchange US $.

1 September 2017

More fun at Havana Nights.
The journey begins at Havana Nights

30 August 2017

And so the Cuban journey begins..The challenge of the night is...What to pack, what not to pack.