Netherlands, Denmark · 23 Days · 7 Moments · March 2017

De reis van Shais door Denmark

12 March 2017

Wake up love ❤️, it's time to go. Bye Diggs it was a wonderful weekend.

11 March 2017

We had dinner to celebrate Digna's birthday 🎉 and then went out to dance! Good times.
After a goodnight sleep we woke up with the weather on our side! First we had a pizza breakfast, then we rented bikes and explored the city! I got some nice sneakers and a little bit of colour.

10 March 2017

We had a very healthy dinner at a cute ramen restaurant and they served the best beers of CPH. The place is really authentic and I love their ordering system! Looks like a cigaret machine. Food 🥘 was great! After dinner we got ourselves a very expensive cocktail and Digna went home with a trophy!
Arrived! Super proud! We just needed one trolley and a backup. But the on board carriages were full so we had to check in our trolley. While waiting for our baggage, we did have the fortune Copenhagen bench experience. Meanwhile you should wait at the right baggage belt, anyway we had our trolley quick enough and met Digna. Yeaaah reunited.
We ran like crazy, because boarding time was over and this is what we encountered. OMG 😲 always leave on time. But we made it!
We had a very 'exiciting' start (#sarcasm). All direct trains were delayed and if that wasn't unfortunate we jumped into a wrong train. Still 40 minutes before departure and we just arrived in Dordrecht. We had to be quick!