Netherlands, Turkey · 3 Days · 20 Moments · December 2017

De reis van Rächel in Istanbul

17 December 2017

Tomorrow we will fly back home very early! So this is the end of our trip! Had an amazing time it was cool to travel together again after 6 years, like notting changed! I would definitely recommend Istanbul as a citytrip! #keepwandering #wanderlust
For dinner we tried a baked potato with butter and cheese. The toppings made the dish very delicious. 🤩 sooo jammie
Davied doesn’t like fish or anything that comes out of the ocean. I made him try mussels with rice and spices. A local dish you eat at the street. He looks scared and confused cause he really liked them
After walking over 2200 steps coffee was needed at our fav coffeespot Fillbooks
Also under construction....I think this is the theme of our trip!
After lunch we went to Topkapi palace super impressed in how huge it was that is all I have to say well... Topkapi Palace really disappointed us. It was the Palace of the sultans of the Ottoman Empire but when we came there was a lot of constructions and the rooms of the sultans were almost empty. Some of the rooms were stripped of its ornaments and later repainted. At last light and signs were missing to make it more vivid.
Time for lunch. We ate lachmachun and cheesy pide
We also explored Istanbul under ground! In the olden day this basilica was used as a water reservoir that stored and provided water for the whole city. This place excites out of 360 columns with a hight of 9 meters.
So today we went exploring the old city first stop the blue mosque. Sultanahmet Camii ( Blue Mosque ) is one of the most magnificent building in Turkey. The building is not just mosque , it is also a social life complex . #ourselfiegameisstillgoingstrong

16 December 2017

Karaköy by night; Last stop of the day: Karaköi borough. Eating and a little drinking at the hipster's place
After the Spice market we went to the Grand Bazaar. The grand Bazaar is everything you imagine about shopping in Istanbul. Uncountable amount of shops selling everything you can think of. This all under an amazing painted ceiling. Not as crowded as the spice Bazar but for sure grand. Fun fact the prices in the bazaar are pretty steep, cause the stall owners have to pay rent in gold 🤩
I have never seen a street outside a market so crowded as next to the Spice Market. What were all those people doing? I felt like a sardine in a way to small tin. The inside the spice Market itself was actually not that crowded... We have bought typical Turkish meat spice, soap and sausage. We are on foodsplorings
The stop of this tour was at Küçüksu Palace. A summer Palace used by the sultans and his family, friends and concubines to hunt and rest. Though this Palace didn't had bedrooms. It looked like the whole building was striped onces and repainted (also the missing ornaments and gold). Our group members were very slow. It was like going out with goldfishes. FYI our selfie game was stong this day 🤗
This mosque is one of the most special of Istanbul. This one is decorated not with Islamic art but with European art. Also from the outside it is one of the most beautiful mosques of the city. In the background are the old city walls and the first suspension bridge over the Bosporus connecting Europe and Asia.
From the outside it looks old, from the inside it is old. But cozy and with a very welcoming American who is the manager. She gave us an upgrade and a room with a view and two separate beds (and a paperthin ceiling). The smells are interesting, the bathroom smells like plumbing and the room the fried pan.
Boat tour over the Bosporus. A very long windy ride with a half Dutch guide. From the water we saw mist of the 3100 mosques and a lot of palaces. Fun-fact; in Istanbul they build a grand palace, our guide told us the reason why it is called the grand palace. And I Quote ‘The Grand Palace is called the Grand Palace because it is Grand’ so there you have it my fun fact off the day.
The bridge from the old city center to the new city at Europe's side is loaded and loaded with fishermen. So many you can't get to the edge of the bridge. Don't there men have jobs?

15 December 2017

After urban exploring in Europe we went to Asia! Fun-fact did you know that that Istanbul is part European and part Asian 🧐 So we took the boot from Karaköy to Kadiköy. We wondered the streets of Asia, this part of Istanbul feels more local and authentic and less touristy. The Kadıköy market has all kinds of foods and is a great place to try things. I tried a mossel with Turkish rice.
So it was a bumpy and turbulent flight! We arrived very early in Istanbul and decided to go urban exploring in the hipster area of Istanbul called Karaköy. Hipster means good artisanal coffee
Off to Istanbul for the weekend! A 3 day city trip with my friend Davied✈️🇹🇷