Europe, North America · 22 Days · 17 Moments · November 2018

De reis van Josine door United States of A)..

27 November 2018

Today we went to check out Destin and try to really relax a bit. We walked the pier and had an amazing view at the ocean, white Sands, beautifull blue water and Some sun. IT was a bit cold so we went driving around and stopped for a walk at the shopping centre ( the same place we stopped for shopping two years ago!) We had Some warm coffee, saw Some cool fish at the bass pro shop and then just walked around. The weather became lovely so we drove to the beach to see a beautifull sunset. Tommorrow is our last day here so we Will be of packin our bags again. Im not really ready to Head home, Huddie wants to but im spinning my mind about that. This trip Made me realize i really want to have a steady place where we can live. So lotta work to do back home and make somemoney to buy/rent a steady house. Anyway these trips also make me realize how much i love Huddie and Jimi, its just all about the family and our health, the rest... well thats extra❤️

25 November 2018

Sunday was all about relaxing and getting ready for the last chapter of our holiday. Monday morning we drove to Hanneke to say goodbye to my parents, cause they fly back to France and we will probably not see them for a while. It was kinda hard to say goodbye again, even Huddie said so. on the road to Destin we saw the awfull damage from the hurricane, we even saw a parking lot full off tents where people now live who lost their homes. Now whe are in Destin, where we booked a hotel for the last days, finally some time with just the three of us I hope. Rene and Carla are also in Destin but I really wanna spend some time with Huddie and Jimi alone. Yesterday we went out for a good seafood dinner, with a beautiful sunset view! Destin is cold right now but at least the sun is shining and we’re together and we’re here!

24 November 2018

Yesterday we started slowly and had Jimi get Some good sleep. Meanwhile Huddie went shooting with dad and sam(jasmijns boyfriend), he had a great time, thats such a man thing to do :) glad i could stay home. Anyway, Jimi sleept for two hours, After dad and Huddie got back we all went to thomasville a small town nearby in Georgia. The town was really old and a bit in Dickens style. At night we ate Some steaks and went to the Bradfordville bluesclub nearby, Hanneke was babysitting and we had a litta fun! Many different prille dancing and just doing whatever they want, that is such a diffenerence back home where everybody had a judgement about people. Finally we had a good night sleep!

23 November 2018

The crazy stories about black friday arent what we’ve Seen today, the prices though make me wanna buy a whole lotta more! I have to keep telling myself that Jimi doesnt need that many clothes. Anyway we stopped at walmart, target and costco today and i got Some nice clothes for Jimi. The weather is still a bit cold but thats ok. Anyway im still having trouble finding Some clothes for myself but Huddie bought me a really cool Florida Seminoles sweater yesterday. Tonight we had a lovely leftover dinner with everybody. Im going to bed early cause still cant Get Some rest. Jimi also is having trouble sleeping, as today he Fell a sleep at costco😴😆

21 November 2018

The first day in tallahassee the familie took us to the flying bear for lunch and to the junior museum(a small zoo). Huddie went to costco with Benny to start prepping thanksgiving dinner. A relaxing day. Jimi is having lots a fun with Benny and the three dogs here,they are so cute together, his sleeping is really off schedule but we’ll manage. After a really short night we woke up for thanksgiving day! Benny Made Some great breakfast again and immediatly started getting ready for dinner. The rest of the family got here around 4 and also Some friends of jake and their parents. A really nice big table setup with way to much food! At night we had Some more drinks at the fireplace. Feeling really good over here and dont wanna go back to Holland. I have good conversations with Janneke and feel like they really understand us, they are open and honest and much fun! So today is black friday, Jimi doesnt want to sleep so we are getting ready for Some crazy shopping!

20 November 2018

We left Nashville early Monday morning and drove all the way to Lagrange. It was a beautiful road trip and drive thru huge mountains. At the ruby falls we decided to stop and go in the mountain to see the falls, seriously amazing! Such a nature miracle. We drove further passed Atlanta to Lagrange and stayed for the night in a great hotel. Next morning we drove into Georgia, really old huge houses, lot of cotton fields and a lot pecantree fields. Even a peanut factory. Loved the drive from Nashville to Tallahassee. Anyway we got a Hanneke’s house at 4, and meet my parents there. After that we went to Janneke’s and had a great dinner and already lots of laughter with the family!

18 November 2018

This morning when Huddie got out of the shower, Jimi sat in front of the bathroom door and said ‘papa’ at least iT sounded like that so the day could’nt start better! JJ went out to get Some amazing dougnuts and yes they were amazing!!! Specially the bacon flavourer one and the pumpkin spice. After Jimi’s nap we went to the hatch printshop, thats the place where they make all the originall blockprint Nashville posters, oh i could buy the whole store! Loved that place! Around 4 we went of to this ICE skating event against cancer, actually iT was a Sheryl crow concert with some ICE skating. My heart was exploding to see Jimi so amazed and intens happy. He and we had lots a fun! Tommorow we pack our bags and Drive down South to tallahassee. Another great day it was❤️
Yesterday we went to the whiskey distillery in Franklin, thats a suburb town near Nashville. Beautifull lands and beautifull huge houses! Anyway the distillery was really fun and we had a funny guy to tell us all about the whiskey. Huddie started the day with a whiskey cocktail and inmediatly had fun😁. After the tour Huddie and JJ went to the tasting and both were amazed by the way you can taste whiskey. I was out in the Tennessee fields playing with Jimi cause he needed to move around a bit. After all that we had Some bbQ they were making there. We drove back to the town Franklin and walked a bit, went to a Antiqua/thrift store with really really really nice stuff like old commercial signs, old furniture etc, way to big to take Home 😬. We ended the day eating Some pizza and krispy kreme doughnut cause they had the lights on which means they just got out of the oven.. hmmmmmmmmm way to much sugar😬 we crashed on the couch and didnt even finished the movie😴😴😴😴

16 November 2018

WoW Nashville zoo was amazing! Jimi was having so Much fun watching other kids and ofcourse all The animals! After a Quick nap we went out for the Nashville hot chicken, Huddie even had tears in his eyes! IT was really really hot. Jimi ate like an adult and after a walk in Nashville Broadway we all crashed and watched a movie called the iron giant. Really feeling the holiday vibe now😎😁❤️ .. huh... i typed this in english🤣 hahaha
De volgende ochtend zijn we in Birmingham naar het grootste cast iron beeld ter wereld gegaan ‘the vulcan’ God van het vuur. Heel erg leuk om te zien en te ervaren over de geschiedenis van Birmingham. Daarna zijn René en Carla hun eigen weg gegaan richting het zuiden en zijn wij verder naar Nashville gereden. Na een heerlijk diner in big bob Gibsons waren we rond 7 uur bij JJ. Gezellig huisje met een heerlijke guestroom klaargemaakt voor ons met zelfs een goodiepakket! Vandaag maar eens kijken hoe Nashville er in het daglicht uitzien.

14 November 2018

Doorgereden naar Birmingham met de hele dag regen, regen en nog meer regen. Dit is een hele grote stad met veel bergen en mooie natuur... als de zon schijnt 😬. Ee hebben bij dreamland gegeten dat was heerlijk! Vannacht hebben we met zn drieën lekker uitgeslapen tot half 8, dat deed Huddie en Jimi veel goeds alleen had ik er veel hoofdpijn van 🤨. Nu weer lekker slapen en morgen door naar Nashville!

13 November 2018

Vanochtend hebben we de condo in Orange Beach verlaten en zijn richting het noorden gaan rijden. Helaas de hele dag regen en grijze lucht🤨 anyway wij zijn lekker weg van huis, en gezellig met zn drieeen. Heerlijk Koreaans gegeten om de dag af te sluiten .

10 November 2018

Helaas ook de tweede wedstrijd was geen succes verhaal, maar het Duitse team heeft gewonnnen en als ik het iemand gun dan zij wel🎉 anyway wij hebben veel in de condo gehangen, tis toch wat lastig voor Jimi, hij kan moeilijk slapen als ie moe is😬. Gister waren pap en mam hier op bezoek, supergezellig! Ze zijn nu verder op vakantie en we meeten weer in tallahassee op thanksgiving. Morgen gaan we hier alweer weg en op weg naar big bob Gibson en dan Nashville. Het weer is wat minder nu dus we proberen snel weer naar het zuiden te rijden.
De eerste wedstrijd zit erop, helaas niet goed gescoord maar vandaag nog een kans! Het is ineens een stuk kouder hier maar nog steeds prachtig. Jimi en ik zijn gister even wezen kijken bij de mannen maar Jimi slaapt niet makkelijk in de buggy en moet echt even wennen hier. Dus wij vermaken ons wel in de condo. Hopelijk morgen eindelijk een beetje bijslapen 😴😴😴

8 November 2018

Het team was vandaag de hele dag weg voor de side categories dus ik was alleen thuis met Jimi. Hij heeft even lekker veel geslapen en tussendoor zijn we op het strand geweest. Even heerlijk genoten van springende dolfijnen en Jimi kreeg maar geen genoeg van de zee en het eten van zand😬 en lekker rennen door de branding. Ee hebben de dag afgesloten met een lekker longhorn steak 🥩

7 November 2018

Registratie voor de wedstrijd gedaan, inkopen klaar.. hoppa! Morgen starten we met de side categories duck en fiesta seasoning.

6 November 2018

Veilig aangekomen, Jimi hield het goed vol in het vliegtuig maar wilde echt niet slapen. In totaal heeft hij 2 uur geslapen op een dag van bijna 24 uur! Nu lekker in ons appartementzzzzzz 😴😴😴😴😴