Netherlands, United Kingdom · 3 Days · 7 Moments · April 2017

London 2017

10 April 2017

We arrived at Schiphol at 21:55 and we're back home now.. I had an amazing time and I hope to travel a lot in my life! I hope you enjoyed this Journi with me! 😘

9 April 2017

I had a great Time here in London! My dad and I are eating at Heathrow airport. Our flight departs at 19:50. Here are some pictures from the things I've seen/done. ❤️

8 April 2017

Just ate something at Starbucks and waiting to go in the London Eye! I'm so excited!
Just ate some awesome breakfast. The Orange juice here is like perfect! If my dad is finished to, we'll go to London Heathrow and look for a way to get in London.

7 April 2017

We're in the hotel ☺️ our room is very nice! Excited for tomorrow! Goodnight. ❤️
Just landed at London Heathrow! The flight was very nice! We're eating at Heathrow and we'll Head to the Hotel in a few minutes!
On my way to the airport with my dad. Flying from Schiphol Amsterdam to London Heathrow tonight! My first flight ever! I'm nervous, but excited. Wish me luck! ✈️😁