Italy · 14 Days · 7 Moments · October 2017

De reis van Esther door Sicilië, Italië

16 October 2017

Hello little one!
When the bosses from work ask you if you want to extend your season with one month to fly to Sicily. 1 month work on could i say no to that?? Almost 2 weeks ahead sicily made me fall in love. Im obsessed with its foods, the views, prossecco, sights.. the island is so big...there is so much to will i do this with only 2 more weeks to go 🤔

13 October 2017

End of the season lunch ..

10 October 2017

The ultimate kids dream; granita with whipped cream and a brioche for breakfast... or lunch ..or dinner... or al meals..

9 October 2017

Etna sunset.... so beautiful

7 October 2017

View from giardini Naxos towards taormina