Bulgaria · 2 Days · 6 Moments · May 2017

19 May 2017

To anyone reading this Journi and wondering if they should visit Sofia, I would only recommend it as a cheap getaway. Sofia is a very pretty town, but I found that most of the Bulgarians here are quite rude. Very many of them are dismissive and unhelpful, and most do not speak English. Our day today was ended on a good note due to shopping in the Sofia Mall, which definitely is worth a visit, with the store called Terranova selling awesome clothes. Besides that, Sofia does offer amazing architectural and religious sites any historian would drool over, and the Communist era still lingers. The best taxi company is OK, yes it's good, but it's literally called OK. I think the real beauty of Bulgaria isn't here, but in other towns and regions.
All of the beautiful places in Sofia. Alexander Nevski Church, a gallery across from it, and some more!
Good morning from Sofia! Amy is still sleeping. It's 09.31 here and I slept very well! The bed isn't that terrible. I thought it would be a nightmare, but it was good! Today we are going to Sofia city. After a good breakfast and lunch we will leave around one o'clock. We have purchased a lot of food and stuff. So the breakfast and lunch will be perfect 👌

18 May 2017

After a short but rocky flight, we finally arrived at Sofia Int Airport, Bulgaria. After exchanging our Euros for the beautiful BGN, or Lev, we took a cab to our hotel and just explored our surrounding area. It isn't the most fancy neighbourhood in Sofia, but our cab driver informed us that it can be far worse. The hotel we're staying in is a-ok, it's not great, not terrible either. Some of the staff speak terrible English and are kind of rude, but the room is fine and the shower is warm. Tomorrow we will have a day in the center of the city, and I also got a phone number of a very handsome Greek who works at Ryanair who might meet up with us tomorrow. Sofia, so far, so good.