Netherlands, United Kingdom · 4 Days · 16 Moments · May 2017

Rosa & Martijn in London

28 May 2017

Flying back to Amsterdam via Luton Airport (cheaper than London central, this is a tip. Go with the train to the city center from Luton). Visiting London for 4 days was perfect and definitely long enough to see the city as much as you want. We saved some places for our next time because we will definitely come back soon! One of my favorite cities 🇬🇧
The British museum was our last stop. A beautiful building from the in and outside. Visiting is free, only visiting exhibitions costs money. Go there early, around 10:00. The only thing that didn't please us, was that the museum is not really about the history of England but more general (Egypt, Europe etc.)
One of the prettiest hotels in London: Sofitel legend St. James! Great for a morning coffee in the bar.

27 May 2017

After a long day it was time for a great musical: the Lion King! The most beautiful musical we have ever seen. So recommendable! The Lyceum theater was beautiful and stylish. After the show we had some great cocktails next to the theater at Sophie's steakhouse. Feels like going into a good club! Cool vibes and kind bartenders!
One of London's secrets is Camden Town. Take the underground and enjoy the Camden Markets. There is a lot of graffiti and affordable places to eat and drink. We went to the hairdresser here and had lovely coffee & bagels at the 'New York Bagels' place.

26 May 2017

For a proper English meal which is not too expensive: go to this pub after the movies. You can even spot some celebrities over there!
The new Pirates of the Carribean movie is just released and we watched it in a cinema at Leicester square, called 'Odeon.' This is such an amazing experience. We watched the movie in IMAX and 3D. Just like you're in the movie! Perfect for a Friday night.
We love discovering new hotels due to our hotel management study. The Waldorf Hilton has a relaxed atmosphere. Sit down and lay back while drinking tea and listening to the live piano player!
After our lovely breakfast at sketch, we walked around in an area with a good atmosphere and nice shops. We had great coffees at Grind. Try the Victoria Secret store with 5 different floors!
We went for breakfast at restaurant Sketch. This is one of the best places I have ever been to. It is a building designed by artists. Several rooms are created in different designs like a garden room or a pink room. We had breakfast because this was a la carte and the most affordable for us. Going inside and feel the atmosphere is already a beautiful experience. This is so special. RECOMMENDER!

25 May 2017

In the evening, London is perfect for walking through the it's streets with pubs. Around 17:00, the pubs are full with people who just finished working. They stand on the streets and the atmosphere is great. We walked the beautiful Hungerford bridge by sunset and had a typical London dish: fish and chips. When walking home, we accidentally found a Hilton street festival which was so much fun! It was under the bridge and at this same location there were great food market stands to eat as well. Real recommender to spend your evening here!
Whenever in London, afternoon tea's are a must. Our first 'cream tea' was at Picadilly circus. For 15 pounds per person you can have 3 scones with jam and tea. Sitting in the restaurant Savini is an experience itself. Recommended!
The weather was beautiful. That's why we hired bikes and visited the Big Ben and London eye already at day 1! 🌞
After leaving our bags, we had a look around in the neighborhood and found 'Metropolitan Market.' A food market with the greatest food from all different countries. Worth a try!
We decided to go for an airbnb, close to Elephant & Castle station. The location was perfect: close to the city center and we were able to hire bikes around the corner. Besides that, the accommodation was only 5 minutes walking from the underground and train station. Our hostess Karen was perfect. She helped us finding our way trough the city! The location is recommend, due to the fact that it is close to the city but affordable.
Flying to London with Martijn to enjoy a city trip of 4 days!