Greece, Netherlands · 8 Days · 16 Moments · July 2017

De journi van Marleen naar Greece

19 July 2017

Going on home
18/7 Beachday at Canal D'Amour & a tough walk in Afionas to view the beach from above. Canal D'amour was very beautiful. We swam quite a distance to a small rocky island, all for ourselves. We sat a while in the sun and then we swam back to the beach after we gave eachother a rub with the sand of the rocks. In the evening we went to Afionas to do the walk. I have had my heels on which was not so practical. We helped eachother to pass the rocky path. It took half an hour but in the end we saw the two little beaches from above. Diner was pizza with a great view we saw the sun go down in Afionas and we had the whole restaurant for ourselves.
17/7 First we had a stop at a little souvenir shop with a nice old grandpa. We bought presents. Then old castle in Angelokastro with a little walk to the top of the hill. We think there took a fotoshoot place because there where all dressed up woman wearing wedding dresses. Also a nice view. After this we went to a museum where they had all seashelffs and dead sea animals. It was not very special compared to other activities we did. Kal liked the village called Benitses. Here where also pigs hanging on a grill. We walked a bit before we went to the museum. After the museum we went in a bit of a doubt to Kerkyra again because I was a bit sick in the stomach. We walked a bit in the town and I felt better afterwards. We vissited a church and then we took diner at a nice place in the middle of the old town, a table at a silent place, again great fish. Kal took a salmon and I ate a seabass. After this we went to the water to enjoy the sunset again, very nice. Took some pictures and a self
16/7 We went to the amazing palace of Sissi. We walker hours and had an audio tour. The first museum which I actually really enjoyed. After this we had a late lunch in Corfu city, Kerkyra. It was a special meal: grilled aubergines and zuchinni. With a bit of cream cheese on the side and a bit of tzatziki on the the other side served with bread. A very nice place and again not much many for this delish food. Even Kal liked the vegetables. Then we went to the old fortress of Kerkyra. We walked hours and enjoyed a bit of the sunset. It started to rain a bit but it was not annoying. There where some little places in this fortress to check out a bit of the history behind it. After this we walked back to the car aside of the water. We enjoyed the sunset and there was a rainbow too with many birds flewing circles in the colored sky. We are not sure if these were the famous ice birds of Corfu.
15/7 First we went to the monastery of Palaiokastritsa, up the hill. Then we went to Casa Parlante. It was a museum about the history of the greek culture, it was an original house from the 18th century. There where robots who could make little moves like real people, for example a tea-drinking decent lady. These where all imitations of real people from that time, who could live in this sort of houses. Very impressive and the ticket was very cheap. After this we went to another monastery. In front of the island Vido, also called Mouse Island. We took the boat for only 5euros to the island. A wedding took place. The bride came at last to the island. We saw a bit of the performance before the ceremony. The people were all finely dressed. Then we went to mount Pantokrator. This is the highest mountain of Corfu, 903m. We enjoyed the view, took some nice pictures. At last we took some diner in at the beach of Kassiopi.

17 July 2017

Evening View port of Kerkyra

14 July 2017

Tasty tuna salad for lunch today
Poor kittycat chasing tuna

13 July 2017

Found this little market after our dinner. People were dancing a little bit in a Turkish way. The Greek music was also comparable to Turkish music. Very nice to see the local people partying together in a row , legs in the air. It was free to enter and you could also eat souvlaki & pie. All different ages gathered together at the market.
Those bloody muskito's. Kal put the anti moskito stick on my leg. They bit me several times on my left arm & leg while I was enjoying my seabass for diner. Lucky me there was a little store next to the restaurant where they sold the anti sticks.
On the second eve, yesterday, this was the starter
Just found this little stony beach nearby the village Palaiokastritsa where we stay. Good timing to see a bit of the sunset.
View beach over Porto Timoni. The village called Afonisi in the north of the island we stopped for a drink today (13/7). I forgot to bring my swimmingsuit so we could not do the 30min. walk to the beach to go swimming. But it was allright because we can do this better on a day with a lower temperature. We decide to come back a few days later.
View on our way to Afonisi

12 July 2017

View from our stay🎉