United States of America · 1 Days · 3 Moments · August 2018

13 August 2018

It's strange, but I dont need space from you And every single thing you do, I like ♡ Missing you
I looked over at Pax and his eyes were wide open but so very calm. His eyes were looking above me as if he was looking into something. You know that feeling when a baby or a pet is looking in the distance, intensely, and you felt uneasy? It was like that but so far from uneasy. I felt light, I felt no hair on the back of my neck and instead I felt a cloak of warm vibrations all down my body. After that moment I looked at Pax again and with no further movement his eyes were closed shut. It was a magical moment and I remember saying thank you and asking for the womans name. The first name came to me was athena and I asked is that your name? The word no came to me. Then the next name was sabrina. And the word yes came to me after that. I knew in that moment that not only I but paxson and I have the loveliest guardian with us. I hope I continue to get to see her.
Last night I believe I was visited by Sabrina a Celtic goddess ♡ I was putting Pax to sleep at his usual bedtime hour. The room was dark but I could see the outlines of Paxson and my surroundings. Pax was wide eyed even though he was tired and ready for bed. I often close my eyes so he can see that I'm relax and "going to sleep too" However there was a moment opened my eyes and in my mind I imagined a gorgeous woman. She was hovering over me like a mother would tucking her children to sleep. It all happen very quick cause as soon as I noticed her she caressed the side of my face and her hand was softly shutting my eyes. Her movement flowed like water. And to that she had a watery blue hue to her entire essence. I remember my eyes followed her hand movement before shutting my eyes calmly. In the moment, again it was very quick, but I felt no alertness and just accepted what happened. But once I noticed what I'd just imagined, I opened my eyes in a flash.