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Day 9 New York City Thursday July 26, 2018

28 July 2018

19,000 Steps 9.23 Miles 🤸🏻‍♀️

26 July 2018

Got out of the subway to the front of the Flatiron Building. I love NYC!
A quick pic after our late night treat!
A view above our table at Serendipity 3.
So I was still full from lunch so I ordered a bowl of Chicken Noodle soup that was of course not called Chicken Noodle Soup but that’s what it was. Jacob ordered the Frrrozen Hot Chocolate. Mom wanted the Outrageous Banana Split but knew she couldn’t eat it all. So she ordered a bowl of vanilla ice cream with caramel and my dad got a bowl of Butter Pecan. When they arrived we were all surprised by the size of their “bowl” of ice cream.
Jacob wanted to make sure that my parents got to experience Serendipity 3 but we were all still stuffed from our Peter Luger lunch so I took them to Grand Central Station.
All 4 of us on the Ferry deck traveling back to the city taking in the view.
Back at the port the ferry next to ours was named, Alexander Hamilton! Fun fact: port Imperial in Weehawken, NJ is where passengers from US Airways Flight 1549 were taken better known as the Miracle on the Hudson.
Just another view of the first climb. 😂
Right before we made the long trek back to the port.
A few more pictures of us in Hamilton Park in Weehawken, NJ!
Dad asked a resident on the street and he pointed us in the direction of the Dueling Grounds. This is where Phillip Hamilton and Alexander Hamilton were shot and killed in a duel. Phillip was killed in a duel 3 year before his dad, A. Ham, and with the same gun. The boulder behind his statute is said to be the very same rock that he was placed on after Vice President Aaron Burr shot him on July 11, 1804. He died the following day. The musical Hamilton signs/raps about the 10 Duel Commandments. Number 5 states “Pick a place to die where it’s high and dry”. This spot is 20 feet above the Hudson River.
We had my mom take a few pictures of us! What a site to see! Once we arrived in Hamilton Park We didn’t see what we were looking for. A portion of the Park was under construction. I was worried that was the “Hamilton” part of Hamilton Park. I snapped a picture of the Park sign behind the fence.
After climbing the stairs we took a left and crossed the road. Walked a short distance and realized we had another flight of stairs to get to JFK Blvd E. The family wasn’t too pleased with this adventure. But it was worth it!
So I use the Apple app Maps to navigate the city. I love using this app in the citybe uses I can get directions if I’m in a car, on foot, or even transit. So I had the app give me directions to Hamilton Park. The directions had us take a bridge to get to Pershing Road. Well the budge included a massive amount of stairs to get to Pershing Road. I included a picture once we came back to Port Imperial.
After docking at Port Imperial we snapped a few pictures of the city behind us!
A few more pictures of our breathtaking ferry ride on The Hudson.
One of the best parts of the trip. Jacob took me out to the boat deck. Being on the water was amazing.
Tmo & I waiting for our ride from Pier 11 to Port Imperal in Weehawken, NJ. This is a NY Waterway Ferry. The other ferry was called ER Ferry (East River).
On the East River heading to Wall St./Pier 11. There is the Freedom Tower and Lady Liberty!
A few snaps of my Jacob! 😍
Taking in the sights of the city from Brooklyn whole wiring for our East River Ferry.
My mom suggested a boat ride so we were able to take a ride on the East River. $2.75 a ticket. That’s the Williamsburg Bridge behind me. We got on the boat at Schafer’s Landing/South Williamsburg and went to DUMBO to pick up more passengers. From there we docked at Wall St./Pier 11. From their we bought our tickets at $13 a piece to take us from Wall St./Pier 11 to Weehawken, NJ. We made a stop at Brookfield Place to collect more passengers before arriving in Weehawken, NJ.
Dessert time! Jacob and I ordered the Chocolate Mousse cake and Mom and Dad ordered the Apple Strudel. I was coming back from the bathroom when Dad and Jacob alerted me to find the waiter to change their dessert order from the Apple Strudel to the Luger's Special "Holy Cow" Hot Fudge Sundae. I looked for the waiter and even went back upstairs but no luck. Mother said the Apple Strudel was just alright but Tmo thought otherwise. He downed it and he famous bowl of “Schlag”. Jacob and I of course enjoyed our Chocolate Mousse and Schlag while sipping a hot cup of coffee. We subbed the Schlag for coffee cream. The chocolate coins get destroyed in my bag on our hike to Weehawken, NJ. Whoops #chocolatemess
Tmo enjoyed dipping the onion bread I. The Peter Luger signature sauce.
The steak for three. Jacob, Tmo, & I order. We also ordered a potato, fresh broccoli, & a Caesar salad.
Tmo reading over the menu at Peter Luger. He wanted the Prime Rib but they were sold out. Steak for three it is. Mother order the lunch chopped steak with mashed potatoes (hold the onions).
On July 23, 1885, Grant died of throat cancer at age 63 in Wilton, New York. Within hours of Grant's death, William Russell Grace, the Mayor of New York City, sent a telegram to Julia offering New York City to be the burial ground for both Grant and Julia. Grant's only real wish when he died was to be next to his wife when he was buried. In practice this eliminated all military cemeteries and installations (such as West Point) from consideration, as they did not permit women to be interred at the time. Grant's family agreed to have his remains interred in New York City. Grace wrote a letter to prominent New Yorkers the following day, to gather support for a national monument in Grant's honor. We arrived at 12:57. I snapped a picture of the Tomb and told Jacob to go downstairs so I could get one of him in front of the tombs. Then the park ranger said time to go. I looked at the time schedule for the National Memorial and it said closed from 1:00-2:00.
Hopped on Bus 5 to General Grant’s Tomb. When we got on the bus I told the family we only had a few moments to see the tomb because of our lunch reservation at Peter Luger in Brooklyn. We were on the Upper West Side. About a 50 min commute via MTA.
Our most attractive Founding Father and definitely my favorite!
Of course we arrived at 11:10 and the tour started at 11. 🤦🏻‍♀️ The next self guided tour wasn’t until 12:00 & the next guided tour wasn’t until 2:00. I kindly asked the Park Ranger if we could join the 11:00 tour and after a few moments he allowed us. The house has been moved twice but has stayed in the same area. When Hamilton had the home built it was in 32 acres in Harlem. It took 4 years to build 1798-1802. Hamilton only lived here for 2 years because he was killed in a duel by VP Aaron Burr in Weehawken, NJ on July 11, 1804. The main floor has been restored to the original paint. All furnishings are from the period and a few are original. The piano, silver serving set, the books which includes Eliza’s signature in one. Hamilton had a collection of 1,000 books which doesn’t compare to the 7,000 in Jefferson’s personal library. Hamilton would read anything he could get his hands on. The painting isn’t original but a modern copy.
We arrived at the back of the house and came to a decrepit sign. My heart sang a little thinking the house was going to be in the same condition. Then we walking around front to the main entrance and saw NPS employees working on the upstairs.
Waking through St. Nicholas Park in Harlem to Hamilton’s Grange Home.
Started off Day 9 with a Cold Brew from Whole Foods! No breakfast for me today because of our massive lunch in just a few hours. #ootd

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