United States of America · 5 Days · 23 Moments · July 2018

Day 7 Philadelphia, PA Valley Forge, PA & NYC

28 July 2018

11,000 Steps 5.35 Miles

24 July 2018

Our girl!!!
Back on the subway heading to the hotel! I love a subway ride!
On the dreaded Times Square. It’s been about 20 years since my parents have been to the city. Kelsie and I like to frequent often, Kelsie making a few trips a year. One of those trips was to see the start of the 2017 New Year’s Ball Drop. We took my parents to see where kelsie stood! I snapped the picture when I saw Anastasia on the screen. Jacob and I will be seeing Anastasia the Musical at Dr. Phillips this coming season.
Times Square after Hamilton!
The view from the stage!
One of the greatest moments was seeing our Lexi on the Hamilton Stage at the Richard Rodgers Theater! On the Stage Where It Happens!!!
Photographs aren’t allowed during the musical but I tried to snap one of our Lexi on the stage!
I can’t believe this moment is real!
Waiting outside the Richard Rodgers Theater waiting to see Hamilton! Row G aka Row 7! 😳
Waiting to see Hamilton!
We had to pick up our tickets from Will Call and saw Lexi Garcia’s name!
Can’t believe I know a Broadway Star and get to see her perform! 😍
Taking the MTA to Times Square to see Hamilton!
Taking the elevator to room 805 #lowfloor. We needed a eat before Hamilton and since we were by the Flatiron Building that meant lunch at Eataly. 😍 Me: Margarita Rustica Jacob: Lasanga Mom: Out of this world meat ravioli Dad: Pizza made into a calzone DELICIOUS! Success for me! Side bar, my mother love Christmas I mean loves it. Starting in June to prepare for Christmas in July she starts using the Christmas Emojis in her text messages to me. It’s rather cute! So Hallmark Christmas in July starts in June now and my mother DVRs and watches every movie. No different on vacation. So the picture of Jacob and Dad laughing has to do with them secretly excited about tuning in to the Hallmark channel. 🎅🏻🎄🦌
Jacob thundering through the city
First glimpse of my favorite city
Crossing the Delaware River to New Jersey. Tmo hates a bridge.
Jacob in George Washington’s Headquarters in Valley Forge
Walking the path towards George Washington’s Headquarters.
Valley Forge
Valley Forge
Peace out Philly #ootd