United States of America · 8 Days · 9 Moments · July 2018

Day 4 Washington, DC & Philly July 21, 2018

28 July 2018

7,500 Steps 3.43 Miles

22 July 2018

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Benjamin Franklin’s grave in Christ Church Burial Ground. Lewis & Clark journal from their expedition to the Pacific across the Louisiana Purchase. Letter written by Thomas Jefferson to another member of the Philosophical Society in Philly. Portraits of Franklin and Jefferson by artist Charles Wilson Peale. Independent Hall where our Republic was born.

21 July 2018

Wet Philly at night on our walk back to our hotel.
Dinner at the Cheese. Had to take a picture and a few videos for Kelsie.
National Museum of American History. This is one of our favorite museums in Washington DC. The exhibits are constantly being updated. Here I am standing next to Lin Manuel’s Hamilton suit from the Broadway Musical Hamilton. Melania Trump’s Inauguration Gown is on display. And I had to get a picture of Jacob next to TRUMP! Jacob is standing next to one of the Smithsonian’s favorite pieces, President Lincoln’s Top Hat he was wearing the night he was assassinated.
Buddy Ben!
My Grandpa was a letter carrier so my mom wanted a picture with, Owney. This dog was the mascot of the Railway Mail Service. Owney made many stops that included a trip around the world.
The gun that killed Alexander Hamilton 😭😢 during a duel with Vice President Aaron Burr. The same gun killed his son, Phillip Hamilton during a duel.
Day 4 in Washington, DC 🇺🇸💙❤️ #ootd Took a shuttle to Union Station and then walked to the National Postal Museum.