United States of America · 1 Days · 16 Moments · July 2018

Day 10 NYC, Hyde Park, & Munnsville, NY 7/27

27 July 2018

Jacob’s a little bit of everything pizza and our fried dough dessert. So good! Crazy Fact: Our meal at Pepi’s Pizza was cheaper than our Serendipity “snack”.
Jacob and Dad chose some hunting zombie game. Dad had a difficult time figuring out how to reload the gun, mother and I weren’t much help. Then Jacob jumped on the motorcycle and raced around Hawaii. Again, user error could figure out how to give it some gas. Jacob ended in 3rd. Dad saddled up on an antique Pony and I fed it 2 tokens. We never could get it go trot. Jacob wasn’t satisfied with his 3rd place finish so back to the cycle. This time he chose to race through Sturgis, SD. He must have been distracted by the massive 60 foot head of Abe Lincoln because he came in 5th.
Our Airbnb is in Munnsville, NY aka middle of nowhere Amish Country. We are staying here because that’s the closest thing I could find to Cooperstown for the HOF Induction. There isn’t a restaurant in Munnsville but 10-15 minutes North is the city of Oneida. So we got in the car and headed in that direction. On the way I used Yelp and TripAdvisor for reviews on restaurants in Oneida. Oneida has 1 restaurant & the rest were fast food places. So we chose the 1 restaurant, Pepi’s Pizza. When we sat down the waitress told us the special of the day: Large Cheese, Antipasta salad, large pitcher, fried dough, & 20 Tokens for the arcade! Winner winner. We all laughed and chose that just to head to the arcade. Jacob ordered a small pizza with a plethora of toppings.
Oh the view! The log cabin! Dream home!
Trying to take a picture of our Airbnb while Jacob is driving up a steep hill with the rain I might add!
So this is funny... I asked Jacob to slow down so I could get a picture of the Amish Uber and of course by the time I rolled the window down I just missed the horse & cart. 🤦🏻‍♀️
A pic of the corn countryside. Traveling to Munnsville, NY.
Traveling on the Rip Van Winkle Bridge.
I snapped this picture so I could research the author. Hoping she has a book on my favorite $10 Founding Father!
A few pictures from inside his Presidential Library. He was the first President to have a Presidential Library. His opened when he was still in office. I guess the US Government/National Archives/National Park Services doesn’t recognize John & John Quincy Adams’ libraries as official Presidential Libraries.
On the backside of FDR’s Presidential Library are a massive bust of himself and Winston Churchill.
The Rose Garden where FDR & Eleanor are buried.
A picture of their dining room.
Front of FDR’s Home and a picture of Jacob inside his living room. Jacob is standing on a glass platform but under him was a ramp that FDR used.
Statues of Eleanor & FDR
Bye Bye NYC! #ootd