Taiwan, Japan · 734 Days · 36 Moments · July 2016

Dawson's voyage in Okinawa

13 July 2018

沖繩美國村。此次旅程的最後一站。/ Okinawa America Village, the last stop of the trip.
塔可飯。東西合併的特色料理。/ Taco Rice, a kind of food combine west & east world.
殘波岬!藍天白雲!是沖繩不變的特色。/ Uruma-Shi, We always see the blue sky and white clouds.
同樣的角度、不同的時刻、不同的氛圍。早起的人可以看日出。/ Even in the same angle, different moment could see the different atmosphere. “SUNRISE MOMENT”

12 July 2018

再次回到Rizzan,沖繩的旅遊也快接近尾聲。/ Back to Rizza Sea-Park Hotel, and the vocation will be the end.
好吃的披薩、好看的風景。/ Delicious Pizza & Great View.
沖繩的海邊真的太湛藍、太美麗!/ Great View of the sea in Okinawa, So blue!
第一次使用Airbnb,感覺很好!/ It’s 1st time we find a house in Airbnb, feel great!

11 July 2018

再看一次海洋博公園,還是覺得很有意思。/ Kaiyohaku Park, very interesting place, even we had been here before.
上次來沖繩沒有吃到的牛排,今天終於如願以償。/ We tastes the steaks that we want 2 years ago.
補一下沒有溜完的溜滑梯!/ Slip the slide once more.

10 July 2018

十字架就是應該被高舉。/ The cross should be rise up to see.
國際通真的很好拍。/ Naha International Street, it’s a great spot to take photos.
好好吃的雪鹽冰!/ Yukisio soft ice cream, So good!
AEON的小祿站商場,連超市都能退稅,沖繩又一次讓人覺得驚奇。/ Amazing! The AEON mall in Oroku Station have tax free counter in supermarket.
趁著颱風來之前,趕快溜一下溜滑梯。/ We heard the typhoon is coming , so take time to slip the slide.

9 July 2018

海風很舒服!/ Great to enjoy the wing from the sea.
今天看飛機就好。/ Just enjoy to see planes flying.
好好吃的和牛與阿古豬。/ Ishigaka beef & Agu Pork, So delicious!
看看沖繩的樂器行!好多CD,根本無從下手。/ Music Store in Okinawa, there are so many CD, I don’t know how to make decisions.
這次有機會看看沖繩的傳統市場。/ Traditional Market in Okinawa.

8 July 2018

Good Night! Okinawa! / 沖繩晚安!
からあげや カリッジュ據說是全日本最好吃的炸雞。/ Someone said that No1 fried chicken in Japan.
「沖繩美術館」旁邊的溜滑梯。/ A slide next to the Okinawa Art Museum.
出發!/ We are going to Okinawa again. So excited!

12 July 2016

Big AEON Express! Interesting Supermarket. / 永旺超市,很多有趣的東西。
きしもと(岸本)食堂。我們很幸運的沒有等。/ KISHIMOTO Restaurant! We are so lucky don't need to wait.
海洋博公園 / Ocean Expo Park
So blue! Okinawa Beach! / 蔚藍的沖繩海岸

11 July 2016

Sunset Beach! Enjoy the moment. / 日落海灘!享受這片刻的美景。
AEON mall Okinawa Rycom! Let's Shipping! / 永旺購物中心!很好逛的地方。
oHacorte! 好吃到會咬舌頭的水果塔!So delicious fruit tower!

10 July 2016

國際通!/ International Street
一個寶寶一直睡,媽媽一直跑的行程。/ It's a route about baby is sleeping and mom is running.

9 July 2016

Hello! Okinawa!