Canada, Germany · 6 Days · 7 Moments · April 2017

A Lit Europe Trip

17 April 2017

Yesterday and today were spent in vienna, a beautiful city!!!! We didn't do much other than visit Mozarthaus Yesterday, but today we toured the city and went to a mozart and Strauss concert!! It has been an amazing few days and best 18th birthday ever!!

16 April 2017

Well, exploring Prague tired the hell out of me Today, but it was worth it. We started the day off to St. Vita's cathedral, which is a massive palace in old prague. After that we walked down into the city and across the Charles bridge close to the town square, where the astronomical clock is located. After this we were given almost 6 hours of free time. Cole, Wyatt, and I went to the hard rock cafe and spend 1000 korunas (Czech currency) on lunch! We made some purchases in the gift shop then walked around the Czech republic for 3 hours. During our walks we came to an apple museum, where we found an apple museum, where the first ever iPhone prototype was on display. That was pretty damn cool. Tomorrow we will go to vienna, the home of Mozart and great food!

15 April 2017

Today, we woke up early (to my dissatisfaction) to drive to the Czech Republic from Berlin.a after sleeping for a few hours on the bus, we stopped at Dresden, in the district of Saxony. We walked around the town, saw the Lady church, and went to the Winger museum where many porcelain artifacts, pieces of art, and physical Instruments such as sextants and clocks were on display. After Dresden we entered the Czech republic and drove to Praha (Praugue in english) we ate a delicious chicken dinner for supper in a hotel basement. We walked around the old town square and tried tridelnyk, a sweet dessert pastry that was delicious!! After dinner we checked into our hotel, the hotel golf, and chilled in the cafe in the lobby until bedtime. Was a lit day.

14 April 2017

Well, today has been the best day in Germany so far! We had an early start this morning, and did a sightseeing tour around Berlin, saw the Reichstag, concert hall where Mozart played, later in the day we went to the memorial for the Jewish people that died in the holocaust, an exhibit that took up a whole city block. We checked out checkpoint Charlie, then drove down to potsdam and checked out some massive palaces and huge fountains. After dinner we had free time so we walked around the streets of Berlin, saw the east side gallery, the wall, and found a jesus cult before we stopped for coffee. It was lit fam.

13 April 2017

Yesterday we explored Berlin! It was awesome, such a beautiful city, tonnes of amazing food, bought some cool little souvenirs!

11 April 2017

A little Airbus A320 from CYEG-CYYZ