United States of America · 16 Days · 6 Moments · June 2017

Summer Bike trip June 24-July 1

15 July 2017

The Mt. Mitchell State Park ride was beautiful. It seemed like we were on top of the world at times. The views at the top were amazing. Panoramic! There were several other motorcyclists there too. We spoke to a few. There were also children there for a summer camp.

29 June 2017

Day 3- We left around 930 again this morning. The plan today is to ride the Parkway. The lodge is right beside of it so it was easy to get on to. We had just left the lodge and had gone around the first turn when Russ hits the brakes. I look up not knowing what was happening and see a large, 300 pound black bear running across the road only 20 yards in front of us. I grab a hold of Russ and say, "Oh my Lord!" I wasn't sure what we were going to do if he turned toward us. Russ was thinking the same so he blows the horn several times to make noise and the bear continues on his course running over the hill. It was so awesome and so scary at the same time. Amazing! We get on the parkway and ride south toward our destination of Mt. Mitchell. It was a beautiful, cold morning. We rode up to the top at the State park to the top. We stretched our legs and ate our nabs on top of the mountain. The views were magnificent. Then we rode to just past the Lynn cove viaduct. It was eerie and cool
Day 2 We would stroll around the lodge doing the small loop they had. One evening we were walking and noticed a motorcycle outside one of the rooms. As we were admiring it, the woman comes out and we begin a conversation about the bike. It was a Yamaha Venture and it had custom paint job and a diamond etched cylinder covers. This conversation went for a while and we became friends and talked on and off throughout the stay. They are Brian and Sherry Shoemaker from Ellijay, Georgia. They were so sweet inviting us to call them if we ever get down their way. Sherry said they have clean rooms and good food. They have two daughters and some grandchildren. They have traveled all over the place on the bike, including through Canada. They told us of a horrible big accident in Webster Springs WV. A log truck took some of their group out and they had to be hospitalized for some time. They said they usually travel with a trailer and they camp when they ride. A very sweet couple.
Day 2- Another beautiful day to take a ride. We left the lodge around 9:30 took a left and began our first ride of the trip. We hit the roads we came to ride. The Diamondback 226 which is the ride around Little Switzerland. It was a nice ride that circled around where we were staying. Russ liked it! You can always tell when he lets out a whoop. We stopped at the store in downtown Little Switzerland and picked up our Diamondback shirts. We went got on the Parkway to reach hwy 80 known as the Devils Whip. We rode the southern portion of it first and then turned around to back up the northern part. We didn't go far north as it wasn't a very interesting ride. The southern part was the best. It was a really good curvy road and pretty. We went into Marion to the Walmart and picked up some nabs drinks and snack. We ate our nabs in the parking lot and then headed back as storm clouds were rolling in.
Days 1-4. We stayed at the Big Lynn lodge which was a wonderful experience. It doesn't look like much but it was such a great place with a view that's incomparable to anything else around. The people were amazing. It was a family atmosphere in an old facility. Hoyt is the owner and he is originally from New Bern. He bought the place 9 years ago and has been updating it since. It's rustic but clean. We stayed in room 134 for 4 nights in one of the buildings to the right of the lodge. Breakfast and dinner were included with the price of the room and the food was home cooked and so good. Tables had the room numbers on them so everyone was assigned. The longer we stayed the closer we got to window seats with amazing views. The last two days we were in the atrium by the window. It was wonderful and we definitely plan to go back. I even sent Mom information on it so we could try to go there sometime together.
Day one- We left Leland at 9:00 and had our route planned. We were headed to Little Switzerland for the first few days of our trip. The weather looked iffy and we thought we might run into some rain on the way. We took 74 to Polkton and got on 218 there to go around Monroe. Traffic there is horrible. We took 218 to 485 and then got on route 16 to interstate 40. We got on Intestate 40 in Hickory and we had stopped at a Sheetz there to go to the bathroom and get something cold to drink. As we were coming out we could see the sky was looking stormy and we heard thunder. We then decided to put on our rain gear and thank God we did because not 5-10 miles down the road the bottom fell out. It was riding so hard cars were pulling off the road. Needless to say we got dumped on but our clothes werent soaked. Faces were and it stung. When we reached Marion we got on 221 which took us to 226 and Little Switzerland. We found the lodge and located our room.