Italy · 5 Days · 13 Moments · March 2016

David's trip to Italy

22 March 2016

the ring
Pompeii! We had the most incredible tour guide. He talked about how he was an archaeologist when the ancient city was excavated. He told us this incredible story about how he discovered a bunch of coins from the city and he asked his supervisors if he could keep one himself. Then his manager came back and gave him a gold and red ring and said "the Italian government wouldn't miss it." and he had been wearing it ever since.

21 March 2016

retained the smell of the flowers. That is how perfume and cologne was created in the 1500's. We admired the sites more then left Capri and took the Ferry to Sorrento. I am currently writing this on the bus as we travel to our hotel.
town that inhabits the island. But this boat tour, let me tell you, was absolutely incredible. The most beautiful cliffs I have ever seen. They towered above us as the water splashed above the front of the boat and sprayed us in the back. A drop fell in my mouth and the salt assaulted my taste buds. We saw the incredible mansions of some of our favorite celebrities such as Sean Connery. The houses are only accessible by helicopter, of course. We returned to the island in much better spirits then we arrived at it. Realizing that the 5 hours of traveling paled in comparison to the reward of being on Capri. We took a trolley up the hill to what you could consider "downtown Capri." It was filled with little fancy shops that had everything from pets to perfume. We took a guided tour of the town and learned about its history with fragrances. The monks prepared a vase of flowers in water for the queen. She ended up never coming to the island but the monks discovered that the water
Today was awesome. Let me start by saying that. An early morning waking up at 5:45 and leaving the hotel just outside of Rome at 7:15. I was very tired and felt irritated we had to wake up so early. It wouldn't have been a problem except for the fact I stayed up with Chris until after midnight. We laughed and talked about how great this experience is. After a long nap on the bus we arrived in Napoli to catch a fairy to Capri. Right as we got to Napoli though we hit a string of traffic. The bus suddenly felt like the inside of an oven and I could barely breath and felt sweaty and nasty. But stepping out into the fresh open air of the Mediterranean returned me to good spirits. The hour ferry ride was spent taking pictures and videos of the gorgeous islands surrounding us. I smelled the salt in the light blue, transparent water. Once we got to Capri we immediately boarded another (smaller) boat to take a tour of the outside of the island. Actually I should say we admired the beautiful

20 March 2016

The colosseum and shopping today! The coliseum was absolutely awesome. It was a total historical spectacle. The tour guide was very knowledgable and good. It was super crowded and I was continually bumped but nothing was stolen! :) by far my favorite part of the trip so far. Then we went back downtown in Rome and went shopping! It was very busy and crowded as well! The taste of fresh gelato accompanied me with the sound of honking horns and people speaking many laggard. I bought a bracelet, a tie, sunglasses and a shirt! So much fun! I can imagine myself living here in the future!

19 March 2016

at the top of mussolinis palace. helicopters roar overhead. the sun is setting on my left as the temperature lowers. the air is fresh and I smell joes fresh fruit from the restaurant on the third floor. All I see is the beauty of Rome.
also went to the market, the Pantheon and the Trevi Fountain today!

18 March 2016

a long day of traveling and then exploring Vatican City! The air is fresh and I can smell the marble on the wall. I haven't tasted anything in a long time and that is the source of my grumpiness and lethargic pace to everything. My eyes have been overstimulated with incredible views of artwork and the natural beauty of Italy. St. Peter's Basilica as the sun is setting.
More photos from the Vatican.
Second flight from Frankfurt to Rome. At the Frankfurt airport we freshened up and got ready for our day in Rome. The constant roar of the engines is becoming a drag but the views like this one are becoming more and more spectacular. The new car smell of the airplane and airport will soon be replaced by the sweet, fresh Mediterranean air. Can't wait.

17 March 2016

I hear the bustling of the airport. The laughter of nearby friends. I see planes taking off and landing. There is a lot of advertising in the airport. We stopped at the Mediterranean Cafe in the airport. Great preview to where we are going. I feel the squishiness of the chairs and hear the jets roaring outside. Very excited in the anticipation of my trip.
getting ready to leave with Chris. Everything is very organized, everyone is very excited in anticipation for the trip! :)