Bangladesh · 3 Days · 14 Moments · October 2016

David's trip to Bangladesh

22 October 2016

Good Morning Dhaka! A view from the gym.

21 October 2016

How many people do can you fit in one car? That's being tight with family!
Driving back to the hotel& stuck in traffic, a typical women in Dhaka.
A view right outside from our vendor Fashion Shore building meeting.
Bus stop in Uttara. What is the London Double decker doing in Dhaka?

20 October 2016

A typical colorful scene in Dhaka, rickshaws.
Our first meeting this morning @ No-Xit. Andrew & Suman in the back.

19 October 2016

Roadside eating.
A look inside a "tuc-tuc" (motor-rickshaw)
A look into a section of Dhaka Downtown.
The barricades now in place, now around the entire embassy zone and downtown areas.
On an overpass not affected by the Dhaka traffic, as seen below. Notice the people riding on the roof of the train. Crazy!
Outside Dhaka airport.
The scene outside Dhaka airport. Tons of People there only to see who arrives. No one is waiting for anyone.